Friday Featured Gear – Solar Charging PCC

So here’s perhaps a more wacky offering for this week’s installment of Featured Friday.  How about an eGo case with a built-in 4000 mAh battery?  Did I mention you can charge the battery with the built-in solar panels? It features a standard USB port so you can charge pretty much anything that has a USB charger.

Head over to MadVapes to pick one of these up for yourself.

This is a solar powered PCC case that is zippered and resembles a large eGo carrying case.  It has an internal 4000mAh battery that will charge a host of devices including a 510 battery, eGo battery and even many cellphones and electronic devices.  It comes with four adapters for charging different devices, the solar powered case and a clip to hang from your belt.  There is an on/off button so it doesn’t charge unless you want it to.  The device has an auto shutoff in 10 seconds if nothing is plugged into it to save battery life.  There is a 4 LED internal battery indicator.    One LED – 0-25%, 2 LED’s – 25-50%, 3 LEDs – 50-75%, 4 LEDs – 75-100%.  In addition to being solar powered it can be plugged into your laptop via micro USB (below the LED indicators) to charge or you could use an AC to USB adapter (sold separately) to plug it into an AC outlet.


Steve K

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