GotVapes Vision Giant Cartomizer: Impressions

If there’s one thing you can’t say about electronic cigarettes, it isn’t they lack variety.  GotVapes just added another bit of variety to the cartomizer world.  Recently, the company started selling their Vision Giant Cartomizer.  The Vision is a clear tube cartomizer (clearomizer) that holds 3.5ml of eliquid.

Update: For a more recent Vision CE2 cartomizer review, visit the Vision 3.5ml Cartomizer from MadVapes Review. -SK

Essentially, the Vision is a mass-produced tank mod.  This carto seems like a cousin to the Giantomizer except it lacks an outer metal sleeve and is therefore totally clear.  The Vision is also apparently not made by Royal Smoker despite this thing looking very much like it has CE2 innards.  Slight differences like red and black wires (instead of all black) and a different design on the anti-leak gasket hint to the different origin.

Coil and anti-leak gaskets

Compared to the Storm Tank mod I have laying around SKVW HQ, the Vision looks a little bit cleaner (though it is sadly lacking in the blue LED department).  The tubes were purpose built for the Vision, so there’s no printing or rough edges.  The factory-made tank also has a custom-built hard plastic whistle tip rather than a gasket adapter holding a standard CE2 rubber tip.

Price-wise the Vision clocks in between slightly and extremely less expensive than most tank mods (which can run from $12-$30).  Of course the Vision is cleanable, but not rebuildable like most tanks. The Vision’s around 10 dollar street price for a single unit does put it quite a bit higher than a single CE2 style clearomizer.

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The Experience
The Vision is a decent vape and quite versatile.  In the resistance department, it clocks in at around 2.8 ohm.  Most of my test drive with this big guy was on either an eGo or Lea, but I did spend some time trying to cook it at 5 volts.  Unlike some of the other clearomizers I’ve toasted at that voltage, the Vision took the heat like a champ, only starting to show traces of cooked juice after a particularly lengthy chain vaping session at high voltage.

The voltage (and the marathon back to back hits) helped to heat up the vapor to a decent degree, but one of the signatures of the Vision seems to be a very cool vapor.  This is either good or bad depending on your personal tastes.  I didn’t mind it, but I found it odd since this is a top coil cartomizer which traditionally offers a warmer vape.  In fact, when abusing it, I found the mouthpiece heated up far quicker than the vapor.

The mouthpiece is perhaps my lone complaint on the Vision.  I don’t find the hard plastic as pleasant as the rubber tip from the Giantomizer.  The good news there is that the Giantomizer’s whistle tip fits very well on the Vision (the converse is not true, however.)

Drink up!

Origninally, I thought the tip design and extra space at the top of the tube was causing a condensation problem.  This is typical with this type of design for condensation to build up between the tip and the coils.  The condensation then collects and turns back to liquid which eventually winds up in the user’s mouth.  I though this effect to be particularly bad with the Vision, but I may have been hasty in my judgement.

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After pulling apart the Vision and reseating the silicone gasket around the coil, I found I was sucking a lot less juice.  I haven’t put the second leak gasket back in yet.  My theory is either the coil gasket wasn’t seated properly, or something is wacky with the anti-leak gasket (wouldn’t that be ironic).  Either way, I think a little fiddling will result in a lot less juice drinking if you run into this issue.

The plastic tube is of similar construction of other clear carotmizers.  Therefore, cracking may happen with certain juices or due to other environmental stresses.  The good news is some users report the tube is the same diameter as 5ml BD syringes for an easy replacement in the event of cracking.

The results I experienced were from my usual 80/20 juice, on a 3.4V device.  5V vaping as typical increased, but only slightly the perceived experiences.

  • Vapor production: Excellent
  • Warmth: Unusually cool for a top-coil cartomizer
  • Draw: Medium (there is an adjustment screw)
  • Flavor production: Good
  • Throat Hit: Average
Too Long; Didn’t Read
Enough juice for at least a weekend!
I’m a fan of giant cartomizers.  I’m a fan of clear cartomizers.  Put them together and you get a pretty nice cartomizer in my book.  The Vision will likely give many tank mods a run for their money.  These cartos are well built and produce respectable performance while allowing you to tote around a day’s worth of juice (or a few hours if you’re me).
  • Large capacity
  • Decent performance
  • Solid Construction
  • Will fit most PVs without an adapter
  • Not a big fan of the hard plastic tip
  • Mouthpiece condensation
  • Plastic potentially susceptible to stress cracks
  • Product Name: Vision Giant Cartomizer
  • Sold By: GotVapes
  • Capacity: 3.5ML
  • Resistance: 2.8 ohm
  • Threading: 510
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  • where is the adjustment screw?

  • If you look at the battery connector, you'll notice it has a slot. A small standard screwdriver should be able to turn that (it usually doesn't take much).The whole battery connector actually is slotted, but the part I'm talking about is on the inner circle. Sorry I don't have a picture of it handy to post.

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