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Want to create your own nicotine liquid concoctions for your ecigs but don’t want to bother with the chemistry set?  Gourmet Vapor may be a site worth looking into.  Beyond the obvious benefits of not inhaling deadly cigarette chemicals, one of my favorite things about using an electronic cigarette is the wide variety of flavors available via e-juice.  There are countless vendors who offer ejuice from the factory-made stuff shipped in from China by Dekang to boutique flavors hand crafted by little old ladies in Petaluma.  Of course, you always have the option of making your own by combining nicotine base liquid with food flavorings to get exactly what you want.
That’s where Gourmet Vapor comes in.  Gourmet Vapor offers a feature called the flavor creator.  You can mix up your own special recipe with up to four different flavorings in any ratio you like. You have the option of making your recipe available to the public (more on why this is cool later) and how much detail you want to reveal about grandma’s secret Virginia menthol recipe.  There’s even an option to upload a YouTube review.  
Authentic MaiTai, delicious, buy some!
If you’re not up for creating some recipe magic of your own, you can browse through all of these user generated concoctions and purchase any of those.  There are popularity rankings to help you decide.  I’m not sure if there are any recipes actually created by the owners of the site, or if it’s entirely user-driven.  
Whichever way you choose, you’ll be greeted with a variety of options to customize your liquid.  You can select from 0-24mg nicotine, single to triple flavor and sizes range from 3ml samples to 500ml buckets!  Being social, they even have an option to post your juice selection on your Facebook wall.
There’s an even more interesting twist to this user-driven market place.  As a juice creator, you can stand to make some actual money.  If somebody buys your concoction you get a small piece of the sale (try one of my delicious recipes available to the left of this article!)  There is a catch there, they won’t cut you a check until your taste gets up to $200; that’s a whole lot of eliquid even at the prices GV charges.
The pricing has to be about the biggest downside of Gourmet Vapor.  The juices are expensive, a 30ml bottle will set you back between 15 and 20 dollars.  That is definitely on the high side of the ejuice market, and incredibly more expensive than actually making the juice yourself.  The good news is that they seem to have 50% off sales at least twice a month.  They announce those via their newsletter which you can sign up for on the site.  
Too Long; Didn’t Read
Gourmet Vapor offers an interesting option for highly customized ejuice.  Their offerings appear to be totally user driven through their custom juice creator. The prices can be high without a sale, but it’s worth a visit just to play with their juice creator.
  • Get just the eliquid you always wanted
  • Fun to make new concoctions
  • There could be money in it for you (Did I mention I have links to some great recipes?)
  • Super large sizes available if you REALLY like something
  • Super large sizes would set you back $150+
  • Non-sale prices are on the high side
  • User driven recipes means there’s probably some nasty juice out there
  • While the flavor selection is big it’s missing some things
  • Not all flavors are alphabetized on the drop down list
  • The bottles the juice comes in are a little thin, one exploded on me from squeezing too hard
The Details
Sizes Available: 3ml – 500ml
Prices: $3.95 – $159.95 (regular priced)

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  • Speaking of sales at GV. I just got this in my inbox:Now through July 4th, all merchandise at Gourmet Vapor is 50% off. The discount code is giveme50Please allow up to 10 to 14 days delivery during our sale. Thanks from the whole crew at: <a href="http://www.GourmetVapor.com” target=”_blank”>www.GourmetVapor.com

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