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Mechanical mods are certainly all the rage these days.  When something becomes popular, it’s bound to be imitated (or in this case, copied). That gives us the world of mod clones.  I have for you today a clone of the Heimdall Black from a company called Angel Cigs. Let’s take a closer look with our black Heimdall mod clone review.

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heimdall mod review box image Product name  Heimdall (Clone)
Available from Angelcigs
Price  $28.99
Competing products Magneto, Maraxis
Who’s it for?  Advanced users on a budget

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Disclosure: This product was provided by Angelcigs for review. This review features affiliate links.

Black Heimdall Clone Review

I suppose when calling something out as a clone, it might be important to mention what it is a clone of.  In this case, the original Heimdall is produced by a company called Vape Jam out of the Philippines. There isn’t an online store I could find for the company, though they do have a Facebook page. Looking at assorted online vape shops, the Heimdall retails for around 200 dollars.

The mass-produced clone version of the Heimdall sells for $28.95 at Angelcigs.com. It sort of explains the appeal. Angelcigs also has US warehouses, so many products including this one will actually show up within a week, so that’s always nice.  Free shipping for orders over $15, so there’s not a lot of friction there. Plus, original mods are notoriously hard to get (which is part of their appeal) as opposed to mass-produced ones which are almost always available.

I know there’s a debate about clones in the community, and I can see both sides. The bottom line is that this is something consumers are interested in, so therefore, an unbiased review is helpful to the public in general.

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heimdall review tubesAnyway, let’s talk about the clone. The Heimdall comes in a black box embossed with the same logo you would find on the original.  Inside the box is three tubes.  Instead of telescoping like the Magneto and other mods, the Heimdall has 3 discrete tubes.  There’s one each for 18650, 18590 and 18350 IMR batteries.

Heimdall clone review general imageThe top and end caps come attached to the 18350 tube.  To be honest, I’ve never been comfortable running anything less than a high amperage 18650 in a mechanical mod, so I pretty much ignored the other tubes.

For that reason, I like the design since it loses the bulk required to have a telescopic tube. The tube itself is brass with a glossy powerdercoat black finish.  The Heimdall logo and serial number are etched into each tube.

Let me pause here for a second.  While I understand clones, I have a deep dislike for clones that completely copy another company’s logo. There just seems to be a fine line that many of these clone makers cross in that regard.

heimdall clone review 705

Ok, rant over.  It is worth mentioning that the serial number on my mod and the picture on the web site are both 705.  Therefore, it’s likely ALL of these clones are numbered 705.  I feel sorry for whoever has the original Heimdall #705.

That leaves us with the top and bottom caps.  The top cap is brass and slightly convex with a straight up 510 connector. There are four narrow air channels leading to the edge.  The underside of the cap has a black plastic insulator and has a thumbscrew style positive battery connector that can be adjusted to custom fit the battery.

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heimdall clone review buttonThe bottom cap has a similarly adjustable button.  The easiest way to adjust the button is to remove the bottom cap, then hold the screw on top (inside section?) while twisting the button to get the desired throw length.  This is a spring-loaded style button which is also in brass.  There is a lock ring that is black like the body with brass indents for easy gripping.

Like most mods, the ring is reverse threaded so tightening the ring brings it downward into the lock position.  Twisting it counter clockwise to unlock has the annoying habit of also loosening the button. Sometimes the button comes off completely forcing you to hunt around on the floor for the spring.  If that happens, just put the spring back on the button’s shaft and screw it back in.

As annoying as it sounds,  you really want to use the lock ring frequently.  The spring does not hold enough tension to support the weight of the mod and battery. That means if you set this device down on the switch without locking it, you are very likely going to activate it.  Let’s just say this is the voice of experience talking here.

At the end of the day, mechanical mods are essentially all just tubes with a button. So the difference tends to come down to the button and how good the device looks.  The button isn’t that great, though it is very nice to use and there’s no problems actually activating the mod when you want to. The Heimdall has it made in the looks department.  The design is exceedingly simple but very attractive.  I suppose credit for that part actually goes to the designers at Vape Jam.

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You can get your Heimdall clone at Angelcigs.

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