Help! I Can’t Taste my Vapor! eCig 101


There comes a time for every vaper when something goes horribly wrong in the flavor department.  You load your e-cigarette up with your favorite e-liquid flavor, take a deep puff and… Nothing.  The vapor is there, but you can’t taste your vapor.  You’re experiencing “vaper’s tongue.”

First of all, Don’t Panic!

Vaper’s tongue is sort of the lingo for times when your taste buds decide to betray you and run right out the door.  It’s not really a medical condition.  And more importantly, it’s not permanent.

The inability to taste the flavors in vapor happens fairly frequently in new vapers.  It can also happen in more veteran e-cigarette users.  I get it frequently, it’s one of the reasons I don’t write e-liquid reviews.

There are a few different causes or scenario for flavor loss.  I’m not a scientist or anything, so you’ll have to give my particularly lay-person descriptions.


Quitting Smoking

vaper's tongue quitting smoking imageIf you’re a new vaper recently coming from traditional cigarettes, you’re a prime candidate.  As you may know, smoking ruins your sense of taste. When you give up the coffin nails, your sense of taste starts to return.

The ability to taste things essentially gets released from the dark corner where it was stuffed. Your sense of taste at some point becomes over stimulated with all the new tastes. At some point it becomes a little too much and things shut down for a while.

This may happen several times as your body adjusts to life as a non-smoker.  Usually these bouts will clear up on their own within a few hours to a few days.  At some point you’ll just notice you can taste things again.

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can't taste vapor dry mouthOne of the side effects of vaping is dehydration.  The ingredients in e-liquid that make vapor are humectants.  This means that they absorb moisture, like the moisture found in your mouth.

The vapor acts like a sponge and soaks up your saliva, giving you a dry mouth.  This can also leave a sort of film that coats your mouth and tongue.  This coating stands between your vapor and your taste buds.

The solution in this case is pretty simple.  Drink plenty of water while you vape.  If there’s a lot of build up, you could try taking your toothbrush to your tongue.  It sort of tickles, but it helps take that nasty build up out.



vaper's tongue repeating acesDo you have an e-liquid flavor you’re in love with?  Do you find yourself vaping it constantly?

That could be your problem too.  If you’re constantly exposing your taste buds to the same flavor on a very frequent basis you may build up a sort of immunity. Overexposure causes your body to sort of tune out the flavor, kind of how your brain tunes out background noise and you never really notice it.

The solution here is pretty simple.  Just mix things up a little.  Try swapping between a few different flavors to keep things fresh.



can't taste vapor sick man imageUsually people are able to make this connection, but having a cold or the flu is a good way to lose your sense of taste.  When you have the sniffles, your sinuses are generally plugged up pretty good.

Your nose plays a pretty important part in forming your ability to taste things.  When it stops working, it has a tendency to diminish your palette.

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Not much in the way of solutions here.  Chicken soup, plenty of rest and just wait it out.


Just Because

can't taste vapor don't know whyAnd sometimes there’s no explanation at all.   Your sense of taste just decides to randomly get up and walk out the door.  Perhaps its mad at you for all those years of abuse, who knows?

This is perhaps the most frustrating of all the reasons.  Nothing seems to be amiss, flavors just don’t seem to be doing it for you.

Some people have had some success in trying a particularly strong menthol or cinnamon flavor to sort of shock and awe the taste buds back into duty.  Perhaps something like Vape Dude’s Fire and Ice e-liquid might do the trick since it has both cinnamon and menthol. Or as I call it, the nuclear option.

I’ll also mention that you can save up to 40% if you check the coupon code section for my Vape Dudes coupons.


Some Suggestions

vaper's tongue e-liquid dropThere will come a point when all the cinnamon in wherever it is cinnamon comes from won’t wake up your sleepy sense of taste.  Here’s a couple of ideas to make the most of it while you’re waiting for your taste to come back from its walkabout.

You know that bottle of e-liquid you hate (hey, cranberry bacon sounded awesome at the time!), why not get it out of the drawer?  Since you can’t taste anything anyway, why let perfectly nasty e-liquid go to waste?  Who knows, maybe a slightly dull sense of taste may help the stuff taste a little better.

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Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts.  Why not keep a small supply of really inexpensive e-liquid handy for such an occasion.  Why burn through your good stuff if you can’t enjoy it? MadVapes has a pretty decent selection of inexpensive e-liquids for such occasions.  Actually, some of it tastes pretty good anyway.


Your Experiences?

It seems like there will simply just be some point (or several) where you can’t taste your e-cigarette’s vapor.  This is normal and might be caused by a few different thing.  I think we all go through it at some point.

With that said, I’d like to know.  Has this happened to you?  Have you learned any tricks to cope?


Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for Vape Dudes and MadVapes

Steve K

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  • Vaping unflavored liquid helps me – when I can taste the hint of a peppery feel again, I know it's time to go back to my flavors :)

    • That's a good idea too, especially since you can get DIY nic liquid and PG or VG pretty cheap and it would last a long time for occasional use.

  • Lise Kristin

    (02/02/13 - 10:48 am)

    Chewing strong flavouerd gun – lik menthol seem to "clear" my mouth

    • chewing the gum helps me out a lot. I vapor peppermint and chew peppermint gum at same time pretty good if you ask me.

  • Ok so I am apparently experiencing this right now. I ordered my favorite ry4 that I absolutely love and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to get it in my tank! I filled up my favorite BCC and started vaping away…. nothing! No flavor whatsoever! I dumped the juice back into the bottle, shook it all up and tried again…. still nothing! I dumped it back into the bottle again and gave it a sniff this time… didn’t even smell like anything. Fast forward a few days and it is starting to smell and taste like the ry4 I love but now I am concerned that there is something amiss. I contacted the supplier and they are sending me another bottle but I don’t know if they need to now. I don’t know what the heck is going on! LOL

  • This has happened to me few times and i hate it lol. I just drink lotta water and eat atomic fireballs lol seems to work

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