Henley e-Cigs – The Hip Soho Experience at Home

Henley e-Cigarettes made headlines recently when it opened a trendy e-cigarette bar in SoHo in New York City.  But, did you know, you can just order their stuff online?  You can have your very own hip NYC experience, but with cheaper booze and more parking spots. I present for your approval, the Heneley e-Cigs Review (DJ and velvet ropes not included).

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henley ecigs product line image Product name Henley Express Kit
Available from  Henley Cigs
Price  $19.95
Threading 510
10% discount code HENLEY10

What’s in the Box

 1  battery henley ecigs review box contents
 1  USB Charger
 3  Cartridges

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So What Makes the Henley eCig cool?

Henley’s e-cigarette is pretty typical as far as traditional e-cigarettes go.  It’s a little on the small side, which makes it a little closer in size to an actual cigarette. This is likely to hold some appeal for people just transitioning from smoking.

henley e-cigarette review ecig imageWhile we’re on the subject of subjective design, Henley’s done a good job with a sort of simple, minimalist approach.  While the battery does sport the company’s logo, it’s fairly small.  The battery and all the cartomizers are white.  Even the ash-cap is white.

It kind of reminds me of the iMac before they went all aluminum and glass on us.  It’s just a simple, glossy white.  Even the LED at the end is white, thankfully.

They even resisted the temptation to make their cartridges colored.  All the cartos bear a simple icon to indicate flavor: for example, a tobacco leaf or a slice of watermelon.

I’m easily amused by small things, and I really like the little flavor icon. Way easier than figuring out color coding, and much cleaner than simply writing the name on the carto.

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Each of the white batteries are naturally of the automatic variety where they activate when puffed.  The threading is technically 510, but I found the threads a little more shallow than normal Joye 510 style e-cigarettes. Some aftermarket cartomizers I tried, while others didn’t.

I was sent the basic kit along with some extra cartridges and a few disposables. Henley also offers a sleek-looking portable charging case setup as well.  Not only that, but they also carry a full line of advanced products from including veteran companies like Ikenvape and innovators like Innokin. It’s sort of like they have the entire e-cigarette lifecycle so a user can transition from a disposable all the way to something elaborate like the Innokin VTR.

Using the Henley e-Cigarette

Among the flavors the company sent me were clove and watermelon (along with your typical tobacco and the such). I promptly ignored the tobacco flavors and picked up the watermelon.  It wasn’t overly sweet. I was expecting more of a Jolly Rancher flavor, but it leaned more toward actual watermelon in flavor.

henley e-cigarette review cartridge imageThe clove was very interestingly.  I figured I’d try it out, maybe find my old Nine Inch Nails CD and relive the glory days of my youth. Turns out, like the watermelon, the clove is also a little subdued. Since it’s an e-cigarette, the harshness of an actual clove cigarette isn’t there.  What’s more, it tasted pretty good.  Clove is one of those e-cigarette flavors that’s easy to get wrong, so hats off to Henley for that one.

Cartridges come in 5-packs. Inside the box the cartridges are stored in a small ziplock baggie. Each cartomizer has a silicone cover on the threads and a sticker over the air hole to keep the liquid from running out.

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As far as the vapor that comes along with the flavors I seem to be raving about, it’s fairly decent for a traditional electronic cigarette.  It’s certainly not going to fill the house with mist or anything, but there is still a healthy amount of vapor.  The vapor coming out is a little on the cool side, so this is likely a fairly low power battery running the kit.

Because the battery is so small, don’t expect a whole lot of battery life.  That’s the shortcoming of the basic kit, which comes with only one battery.  What are you supposed to do between charges? Listen to the Smiths and smoke real Cloves maybe?  Best to get one of the kits that come with more than one battery.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

henley e-cigarette review tldr

The Henley e-cigarette is nicely designed electronic cigarette with a minimalist white color scheme. The flavors I tried were surprisingly good in the way the flavors were subdued instead of overpowering.  While the battery won’t last terribly long, performance is competent in the vapor department. And if you’re not into traditional e-cigarettes, be sure to check out Henley’s more advanced products.


  • Nice design
  • White LED
  • Good flavors
  • Good performance


  • Plastic construction
  • Short battery life
  • Basic kit only includes 1 battery

Disclosure: This product was furnished by Henley for review. This review contains affiliate links.

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