High Tech Vapefly TGO Pod Mod Reviewed

Even though pod-style vaping devices are very popular. I’ve never been a huge fan. I mostly found them lacking in features and flexibility found on most advanced vaping devices. Vapefly’s TGO Pod device is packed with very advanced features. Read the review to find out if it’s enough to make a convert of me.

Vapefly TGO Pod Mod

Quick Highlights:

  • Fingerprint unlock
  • 2ml tank (4.5 available)
  • Replaceable heads
  • Optional RBA head
  • USB C Fast Charging
  • 5-70w adjustable wattage
  • Easy top refill
  • Adjustable airflow

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This product was provided by Vapefly for review purposes. This review contains affiliate links.

Pod vaping devices are designed to be simple. That’s a great thing for people who are either new to vaping or who want a simple experience. But, a lot of people prefer the more advanced features and performance found only in advanced vaporizers. Until now.

Not only does Vapefly’s pod have features found in advanced devices, it has at least one feature not found in any device: fingerprint unlock.

Just like a phone, you can restrict access to your vaping device that only you (or up to 6 people) can unlock with your unique fingerprint. The concept is pretty familiar. When you first set up the device it will prompt you to train it for two administrator fingerprints. The reader is on the fire button, so you tap the button several times to register the print. The first two prints are for the “administrator.”

Yes, this vaping device has an administrator.

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It seems a bit like overkill. And it is. But, after using the Vapefly TGO it actually starts to make sense. Once unlocked, the vaporizer will remain that way for three minutes before locking again.

Once locked, the device won’t fire again until unlocked with a fingerprint. This has an obvious use case if you have kids you want to keep away from your gear, or if you don’t want others using your stuff. But this feature is a very handy safety feature as well.

Personally, I am notorious for putting my vape in my pocket without first locking it. This has all kinds of fun unintended consequences like adjusting my voltage to max or the device even firing in my pocket. Since the TGO Pod Mod self-locks it saves me from my own lazy stupidity.

If you still don’t like the fingerprint thing, the lock can be disabled for 24 hours, though not turned off completely.

There’s one other minor thing that I don’t have on any of my advanced vaping devices as well. Unlike almost everything on the market the Vapefly uses a USB-C instead of a micro USB port to charge. The company claims you can fast charge the device using up to a 70 watt power supply.

As for the remaining features, they are a mix of things commonly found on pod devices as well as advanced devices. Including replaceable heads so you don’t have to swap out an entire pod when the head goes bad. There’s even an optional RBA head according to the manufacturer’s website, but I couldn’t find it for purchase just yet.

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The model I purchased included a 2ml TPD-compliant pod. Larger 4.5ml tanks are available cheaply from Heaven Gifts as well.

Typically RBAs and subohm heads are rare to non-existant on your typical pod devices. And that explains why the Vapefly TGO has adjustable voltage from 5-70w and a full featured LCD display screen replete with coil resistance, voltage and a puff counter.

Essentially, the TGO Pod Mod is a full-featured vaporizer that has a much smaller footprint than most advanced rigs. There is a tradeoff for this of course since you are limited to proprietary pods and heads.

From a performance standpoint it ranges from a typical pod with lower vapor output using the .6 ohm head designed to run around 20 watts to a more aggressive vapor production with the .3 ohm head around 40 watts. I didn’t have a rebuildable head to see what sort of performance you can get when you roll your own.

Vapefly has put together a very impressive package of technology in what used to be a strictly low tech category in the pod mod space. While this won’t win over hard-core cloud chasers, it is a nice, solidly built device with more tech than you could possibly want. Performance is outstanding for a pod device.

My only question after reviwing the Vapefly TGO Pod Mod is will it be too advanced for fans of simple pod systems?

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