How to be a Courteous Vaper

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How to be a Courteous Vaper

Once upon a time lighting up a cigarette was a fashionable and normal way to enjoy social situations with friends & family. Fast-forward to today and growing health-conscious millennials are all but shunning the little white sticks.

Giving them up, as we all know, is easier said than done. Many have tried various nicotine replacement options or self-help options promising to rid smokers of their most addictive habit. But none, it seems, has caught on quite as much as vaping.

The last decade has seen a staggering increase in smokers opting to vape e-cigs over normal their normal cigarette habit. With good reason to do so as Public Health England states vaping is 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Though whether you are thinking of opting for e-cigs or have made the switch – your vaping hobby should be met with just as much of the socio-rules which cloud smoking.

Vaping in Public – E-cigs on the street

With a variety of tanks, mods & hardware options many vaping devices can produce differing amounts of ‘smoke’. So, whether or not you are proud of opting for a cleaner alternative to cigarettes, those non-vapers around you probably meet the billowing white smoke with much the same attitude as they would tobacco smoke being blown in their face.

It’s true that the legislation surrounding vaping has become a little confused. With vapers being technically free to smoke inside pubs, for example. However, don’t take this as an open-invitation to sit down with your favourite pint and fill the room with your go-to custard/berry concoction. Be a little savvy and ask a member of staff first as they’ll be able to give you the go-ahead or directions to the smoking area!

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Be prepared for questions

A certain notion of intrigue surrounds the electronic cigarette community more than ever so don’t be afraid to welcome the questions from those around you. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to potentially help someone make the switch to a cleaner (and safer) alternative.

Vaping at home – Your Need to Knows

When vaping at home you are free to do so how you feel most comfortable. Though some people in rented accommodation or living with non-smokers/vapers may still need to employ a little restriction to their favourite habit, others invite the freedom to vape how and where they wish.

In fact, compared to traditional cigarette smoke, the vapour produced from a vape tank disappears much quicker than tar-ridden cigarette smoke. Aside from that, vapour from e-cigs will not stain your home or cause unpleasant smells to linger around the house.

A Civilised Vaper is a Happy Vaper

Unlike smokers huddled outside in the rain to get their fix, vapers have the opportunity to cultivate a culture in the vaping community that educates and enlightens those around us to the improved e-cigarette health benefits.

Whether you prefer a simple vaping lifestyle as an alternative to smoking or are excited to explore the various flavour combos and customisations that the vaping industry is quickly promoting – one thing is for sure – making the switch to vaping will benefit not just you but those around us too.

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