How to Become a “Real” Vaper

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Getting into vaping just involves buying a vape and getting started right? Well, not quite. Although they’re often talked about in the same breath, smoking and vaping are very different beasts – and while a pack of cigarettes and a lighter are all you need to start smoking – really getting into vaping can involve a lot more!

Luckily, we’re on hand to show you the way. Whether you’re just starting out and would like to know what all the vaping hype is about – or you’re an seasoned vaper who’d like to take their experience to the next level – our quick guide will help you out!

The community

The vaping community is a vibrant place! Whether you’re brand new to vaping – or you’re a competitive professional (yes – that’s a genuine job role!) there’s a place for you – and it’ll be packed full of like-minded individuals who are keen to share tips, tricks and equipment recommendations.

Of course – a lot of this community happens online, and social media provides a solid foundation for most vaping communities – with Facebook, Instagram and Reddit as some of the most popular vaper hangouts. That said, there’s likely to be a good community feel in your local vaping stores too – whether you’re looking for advice on brands and flavours of eliquids, or a little technical help with your vape – there’s always likely to be someone who’s happy to help out.

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The vaping community is a good place to be – and with around 3 million vapers in the UK, you’re virtually guaranteed to find someone who’s on your wavelength!

Understand your vape and eliquids

An e-cigarette or vape is a surprisingly technical piece of equipment – and while there are plenty of shops who’ll help you maintain and service it for the best performance, doing some of this technical stuff yourself is often part of the fun for vapers.

It’s good practice to disassemble your vape at night – and while that might sound like the last thing you want to do after a long day, it’s actually a sure fire way to make sure you avoid any leaks and spills, which will help prolong the life of your device. It’s also worth keeping an eye on your vape tank and battery too – and knocks, cracks or scratches can be dangerous, so real vapers will keep on top of these simple maintenance tasks!

If you’re going to be a veteran vaper, eliquids will need a little love too. Don’t forget to give them a shake before you fill your tank – and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as it can significantly reduce the nicotine content…


Starting with a vaping starter kit is a good choice for first timers – everything is designed to work together, but, after a while, you might find that you want to explore upgrades to your system – and there are plenty available for avid vaping fans, including:

  • Battery mods
  • Tank mods
  • Wick upgrades
  • Coil replacements
  • Drip tips/mouthpieces
  • Atomisers
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Modding your vape can be a simple or as complex as you wish too – from quick and easy additions – to complex coil building and battery mods that require some detailed maths to obtain the right kind of temperature control! Real vapers will often have a unique vape that’s created to be exactly right for their needs!


While there’s a lot of vaping community activity happening online, there are old fashioned vapers out there who still value seeing one-another in real life!

Many meetups are organised and funded by vaping companies – so you’ll often find there are giveaways and competitions when you’re there. Either way, you’ll get to meet other vapers and compare setups, eliquid preferences, mods, maintenance tips and much more.

The great thing about meetups is simply that you’re a bunch of unique and interesting people who end up in a venue together – so whether you’re new to an area or a familiar face, you’re bound to connect with people and start friendships – which is a lot more than can be said for smoking!

Staying on top of vaping news

For real vapers, staying on top of industry news, government legislation and changes to the law is part of the vaping lifestyle.

The thing is, when all the elements of vaping come together, you find people who are interested in the lifestyle, rather than just the act of vaping – and when people become interested or consider something a hobby – they become passionate about every aspect of it.

Each vaping blog, forum or subreddit is slightly different – so have a quick search, subscribe to a few – and see what you enjoy reading. Ultimately, being a real vaper involves doing whatever you enjoy, so read, chat, contribute and vape to your heart’s content!

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