How You Can Save Vaping (Right Now, Without Getting Up)


Almost since its inception in the early ‘90s, vaping has faced seemingly insurmountable odds. First, the tech was too expensive for most smokers; then, pens and juice weren’t widely available. Now, as vaping finally gains the widespread popularity it deserves, legislators left and right are working overtime to make the pastime as expensive and limited as possible. The tobacco industry hardly had such overwhelming odds when it was first getting started.

Fortunately, vaping isn’t dead — yet — which means we can still work to save the industry from bureaucratic death. Even if you are the laziest vaper on Earth, there is still plenty you can do to advance the vaping cause. Here are just few of the most effective methods for bringing awareness to the vaping industry and ensuring its survival in the current political climate.

Become a Vaping Genius

Before you can even think about becoming a warrior for vaping justice, you need to educate yourself about vaping facts. The vast majority of opposition to vaping arises due to misinformation and willful ignorance, which means the best way to combat anti-vaping sentiment is with truth and facts. Not only should you know how vaporizers work, the ingredients of juice, and current vaping regulations in your area, but also you should be paying attention to emerging research about the effects of vaping and potential vaping legislation around the world.

Unending amounts of information about vaping are available online, on this prestigious blog, in online vaping magazines, and on other sites. The more you know — and the more you tell others what you know — the more you can save vaping.

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Support Quality Vape Shops

When people support an activity, they tend to support blanket statements and ignore details. For example, it is good and community-conscious to donate money and items to charity. Despite the fact that there are many unscrupulous charities that don’t allocate funds and goods altruistically, people continue to encourage donation.

Meanwhile, when people are inclined to dislike an activity, they nitpick. While overwhelming research tells us that vaping is cleaner and safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes, anti-vaping advocates point to illegitimate and unrepresentative businesses selling juice stuffed with toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde. Therefore, it is vital to the future of vaping that authentic, lawful, and responsible vape shops prosper while illicit shops disappear. Instead of navigating immediately to online bargain shops, you should invest in high-quality kits and juice, like Eleaf.

Tweet, and Tweet Again

If President Donald J. Trump has accomplished anything during his presidency, it’s this: He made Twitter great again. Social media’s influence has been growing since its inception in the late ‘00s, but this year, activists have taken to Twitter and other sites and have found their voices heard. Now, legislators pay closer attention to the messages spread on social media, which makes Twitter an excellent platform for contacting important officials.

Some pro-vape warriors advocate contacting Trump directly, but in the barrage of tweets he gets every day, your simple pro-vape message will likely go unread. Instead, you should devote your time to contacting less popular and more influential figures, like FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb or members of congress from your district.

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Join Pro-Vape Groups

Still, tweeting can only get us so far. Much of the legwork for convincing congress of the safety of vaping — and perhaps more importantly, the sanctity of our rights — has been done by pro-vaping organizations. For example, Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is a non-profit that works to inform smoking and vaping–related legislation. You can join CASAA for free to receive updates on national and local vaping regulations as well as be notified when pro-vaping action is needed in your area. Undoubtedly, there are groups dedicated to vaping initiatives in your area that provide the same services and require the same attention from you. We must work together if we want to overcome the odds against vaping.

Vape Responsibly

If you truly are the laziest vaper on Earth, there is still one simple thing you can do to advance the cause: Don’t be a jerk. Those around you are unlikely to be sympathetic to your fight for vaping rights when you are aggravating them with obnoxious vaping habits, like chasing clouds, blowing into people’s faces, vaping indoors, vaping around food, and vaping around kids. If nothing else, you should respect existing laws about vaping and common-sense etiquette around others — even other vapers.

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