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Ikenvape Io6 atomizer review

 IKV I06 Atomizer Review

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Ikenvape is a vendor that consistently puts out good quality cartomizers and atomizers.  The gear is popular and as a result is often hard to get.  I recently picked up a couple I06 atomizers to see if I could be coaxed back down the path of direct dripping into my e-cigarette. Read the rest of the I06 review to see if I’ve become a believer.

Io6 Atomizer Design

These are actually my second set of I06 atomizers.  I purchased the same setup before (both a low and high resistance model) when they were released as a limited beta.  While they worked well, they had a bizarre aftertaste.  I opted to wait for the latest versions to give them a fair shake in a review.

Ikenvape put a few improvements into the I06 atomizer since I tried the early ones.  Thankfully, they solved the bizarre after taste issue the originals had.  It seriously tasted like dish soap.

ikenvape 106 vs standard 510 image
510 atomizer next to Io6

Ok, on to the modern-day Io6 atty.  The Ikenvape atty is based on the fairly obscure 306 standard.  If you’re not familiar with it, these atomizers have 510 threading, but are very small. Rather than being contained in a metal sleeve like a 510 atomizer, the 306 is essentially exposed.  A cartridge or drip tip slides over the atomizer, and not fitting into a sleeve.

306s are great for dripping because there is generally less distance between the heating coils and they produce a solid vapor.

According to the Ikenvape site, the improvements they made to the 306 focused primarily on improving the device’s longevity. The company also makes standard 306 atomizers, which I reviewed some time ago.

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One of the drawbacks of IKV’s upscale unit is that it’s a little bigger.  This means that standard 306 drip tips won’t fit the I06, you’ll have to spend 2 bucks for a tip designed for it.  Aftermarket drip tips are trickling out into the market, so there will be some variety.

The atomizer comes in a range of resistances.  I opted for each end of the spectrum choosing the 1.5Ω XLR model and the high voltage model that weighs in at 3.5Ω.

Using the Ikenvape I06 Atomizer

I had two specific use cases in mind when selecting the atomizers.  I opted for the low resistance model to try out on my Vapage V-MOD XL which is a 3.7v bottom feeding device.  The XL (and newly updated standard V-MOD) can now accommodate regular atomizers including 306s.

The I06 was a bit of a tight fit in the bottom feeder.  It worked, but I found the draw was very stiff due to the slightly larger diameter of the IKV atomizer and drip tip.

The length of the drip tip protruded just the right amount from the cone of the V-MOD.  Performance was quite good, putting out big, thick clouds of vapor.  Temperature was fairly warm as well.

ikenvape io6 on ProVari imageI eventually abandoned the V-MOD setup because I just couldn’t get used to the tight draw.  I switched over to the high voltage version and split time between my Lavatube and ProVari.

The I06 is quite a bit thirstier than Ikenvape’s website seems to indicate.  They recommend an initial priming of 4 drops of e-liquid and then topping off with 1-2 as you vape. I ended up filling closer to 6 drops and topping off with 3 more.

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Topping off was a pretty frequent experience.  The I06 is a juice hog.  That makes sense because this atomizer produces a lot of vapor.

The IKV atty isn’t very shy about letting you know when it wants another drink either.  Fortunately, when it runs low it isn’t a completely throat burning caustic experience.  There is however, a very distinct flavor that comes from low liquid reserves.

I did find the atomizer got a little unrefined when pushing it at the top of the ProVari’s 6 volt range.  Backing the voltage down to a more conservative 5.5v provided a slightly more mellow experience without the harsh edges.

My biggest complaint about the I06 was the drip tip. It has a habit of collecting e-liquid around the tapered neck of the tip and not immediately delivering it to the atomizer. Gently blowing across the top of the drip tip or tapping the drip tip’s opening helped get the juices flowing. Of course I am a little dripping challenged as it is, I also often ended up over dripping because I lack a practiced hand.

ikenvape io6 drip tip image
That little reveal should remain at the bottom

More alarmingly, at one point the tip held on to the atomizer so snugly that it separated the atomizer from the battery connector base. I was able to separate the two and everything kept working fine amazingly.  Let that be a lesson: don’t shove the drip tip on with too much force, it may never come back off!

When I get the stars aligned properly, this atomizer is fantastic.  Vapor is both flavorful and plentiful.  There is a good warmth to the vapor as well.  I can certainly see why Ikenvape has such a loyal following.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

ikenvape io6 standalone image

The Ikenvape I06 atomizer is an updated take on the cult-classic 306 atomizer.  While the device can easily run away from an inexperienced dripper (like me), the rewards for learning the proper care and feeding of this device are plentiful.  The I06 produces a vapor I can best describe as luxurious.  Probably the biggest complaint I have is the standard drip tip.  I’d probably take the time to track down one of the third-party tips offered for this device.  If you can find an I06 atomizer to your liking at Ikenvape, grab it before it goes out of stock!


  • Excellent performance
  • Available in a variety of resistances
  • Dry its won’t make you gag


  • Juice hog
  • Drip tip
  • Frequently out of stock


Product: IKV I06 Atomizer
Available at: Ikenvape
Threading: 510
Resistance: several ranging from 1.5 to 3.5Ω

Steve K

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  • 3/7/11
    I check every day to see if you have your V2 Provari review up yet. Looking forward to seeing how it delivers at over 5v under load on high demand vaporizers.

    Hope you are well Steve, it's not like you to miss a week day.


    • Hey Errol, Everything's fine. I only had 1 1/2 stories to run, so I opted to skip today and move them into Friday's update. Every once in a while, I'll skip one if I have less than 3 stories and nothing is time sensitive. As for the V2, I had my original upgraded and got it back last week. I don't know if I'll write an entire review, since it's mostly similar. I may just update the existing reviews. With the new board in place, I can run a 1.5 ohm dual coil at 4.8 or 4.9v depending on the individual carto. They throw an E2 at 5v or above. I'm quite happy with the vape at 4.8v on the dual coil. Only problem is my batteries are nearing end of life, so now I'm waiting on the new ones I just ordered :)

  • 3/7/11 FWIW I found a U-Tube review on the V2 Provari. Apparently 5v is the max it will put out on a DC.


    • I know some like to go up to 6v on those. For me personally, I think 5v is perfect, so I'm a happy boy. Also my batteries just arrived, it's a good day :)

  • A friendly note for those that have a favorite 510/901 drip tip (or you want to utilize one), there are options to do so:)


    *To use a 510/901 drip tip, consider purchasing one of the following for an IKV i06 Series (306) atty:

    The i06 Sleeve – Grateful Vaper (USA based) http://www.gratefulvaper.com/the-sleeve.html

    Stainless Steel i06-510 Sleeve – SIAM MODS (outside USA) http://www.vapeking.com.au/Stainless-Steel-i06-51

    *To use a 510/901 drip tip, consider purchasing the following for an IKV 306 Series atty:

    The 306 Sleeve – Grateful Vaper (USA based) http://www.gratefulvaper.com/the-sleeve.html

    I hope I was able to help in providing some more insight on IKV attys:)

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