Impressions: Itty Bitty Betty box mod

Recently, I was the lucky winner of the Itty Bitty Betty box mod made by North Carolina Vapes in a contest held by the vendor on the E-Cigarette Forum. The timing was fortunate because I was browsing different vendors online to buy my first box mod when I received the message that I had one this diminutive little mod.  A box mod is an e-cigarette (personal vaporizer) battery usually fashioned from a battery box designed for electronics projects commonly available at places like Radio Shack.
Itty Bitty Betty is basic, small, solid and reasonably priced. Read on for all the details.

Size comparison with a Joye 510 and eGo

The Hardware

The Itty Bitty Betty is an entry-level mod.  As is the case with this type of mod, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles.  It features your choice of 510 or 808D-1 connectors, a sliding on-off switch, and what appears to be a small port for a wrist strap. Batteries and charger are not included.


The Betty mod is a very small unit.  It is fashioned from a 2 aaa battery box and uses a single 3.7 volt 10440 battery. (special note, always use protected batteries for vaping) This leads to a nice, compact little box that is comfortably held in the palm of the hand. This size does come at a price, the smaller the battery the shorter the run time for the battery.  While this box is small and easily pocketable, it’s a wise idea to have at least a spare battery.

Glue is a bit ugly, but it’ll stay put!

Build Quality

The small size of this little box does present some challenges for construction.  Each unit is hand built, so things like small blemishes are to be expected.  This is true of the mod, there were a few scuffs and a rough corner or two on the insides, but nothing really troubling.  The box has a nice solid feel in the hand, the battery door remains secure, the on/off button is firm and the 510 connector is solid.  All electronics inside the unit are secured with a thick layer of hot glue to keep them from moving around.

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Button sticks out like a sore thumb ;-)

My one complaint about the physical characteristics of Betty is the button.  There aren’t a whole lot of button choices when dealing with this small of a vaporizer.  It is a small button that protrudes pretty far out from the case.  This is compounded by the fact that the button is not very sensitive and requires a firm press to light up the coils in the cartomizer.  The combination of these two factors leads to some pretty sore fingers at the end of a vaping session.  I emailed the owner about the button and she confirmed that there aren’t many button choices because of the size.  I also imagine that going too crazy in the button department could be detrimental to Betty’s petite price tag.


My daily use PV is an eGo (with USB pass through) along with a straight 5v pass through I use for high voltage situations.  The eGo is also a 3.7v device, but it is regulated down to 3.2 volts. You wouldn’t think that half a volt would make much of a difference, but in some situations it can.  Specifically, I find that I like the G4 cartomizers much better on the box mod than on my eGo.  That extra bump brings a little bit more out of the G4 without cooking it on 5 volts.

Even with that bump I still find myself going back to my standard PVs mainly for a few reasons.  First, I’m simply not a huge fan of the G4.  Second is that button.  I hate to keep harping on the button, but in addition to it being awkward, it’s also a little bit finicky.  If you don’t press it just right it doesn’t fire, so I’ll find my vape sometimes cut off halfway through. Finally, I think I just plain prefer the form factor of a tubular battery.  Much like everything else e-cigarette, a lot depends heavily on personal preference.

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Too Long, Didn’t Read

The Itty Bitty Betty is a small 3.7v box mod made by North Carolina Vapes.  It is an entry level mod with a low price tag, and as such don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles. The build quality is good, but I am not a fan of the button activator as it hurts my little piddy paws.


  • Compact Size
  • Solid Construction
  • Price
  • Great communication and friendly service from vendor
  • Activation button is not ergonomic and is temperamental
  • Generic box design (yes, I admit that’s subjective)
Quick Stats
Name: Itty Bitty Betty
Purchased From: North Carolina Vapes
Retail Price: $19.99
Connector Type: 510 or 808
Batteries: 10440 protected (not included)
Rating: 3 somethings out of 5 somethings

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