Impressions of the CE2 Giantomizer (aka Maximizer v2)

Remember, this ain’t no photoblog :)

I wanted to kick things off with a few words about what is the current workhorse in my stable of PV hardware.  This big fella is the new and improved Giantomizer, which is branded as the Maximizer and sold by  I believe this unit, like its smaller siblings is produced by Royal Smokers.

The feature list of this model is fairly impressive, it boasts a tough as nails exterior sleeve, a viewing window in the sleeve to see juice levels at a glance, relatively easy to fill, and a massive carrying capacity. This unit is an update to the original and features a leak free design along with a  “whistle tip” rubber cap.

Speaking of size, the name Giantomizer is fairly apt, it is similar to the CE2 (aka Fluxomzier) cartomizers only it’s HUGE!  The regular units hold .8 ml and about 1.4 ml for the regular and XL models.  This monster hauls around 3.5 ml which is enough for an entire day of vaping for most people.

Recessed 510 connection

The idea of carrying around just an eGo battery and one carto to get through an entire day is incredibly appealing.  Going along with the eGo theme, the unit is designed to dock with that battery in a way that makes both parts into a single unit about the size of a small cigar.  This fit is acheived via a recessed 510 connector inside the sleeve.  While this is great for eGo style batteries, if you use another kind of PV, you’ll likely need to pick up a 510 to 510 connector for your battery to seat properly.

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An adapter is possibly not the only accessory you will need to get this bad boys going.  Like the other CE2 styles, the optimal way to fill these is to use a small gauge needle and a syringe.  Fortunately, the vendor tossed one in with my order, including a steel needle that actually works as opposed to that lame plastic thing that normally comes with the CE2.

The built-in window is a great help in the filling process as you can see the juice levels rise as you squeeze the syringe.  Unfortunately, the window doesn’t quite go all the way to the top of the tank so some guess work is involved.  I usually get it wrong and have to pull the syringe stopper back to suck a little bit of juice back into the carto.

A fuzzy picture showing the

extended inner tank.

I’ve no first hand experience with this as I (fortunately) missed out on the first revision of the giants, but the tank itself has been extended further into the metal sleeve.  This eliminates juice leaking out of the window, which I can verify I’ve had no leaks on the 3 units in my possession.  I’ve ordered some “reject” models that feature the old design but they haven’t arrived as of this writing.  I wonder if teflon tape might be able to fix them, that stuff is like the duct tape of the vaping world!

The raised tube is both a blessing and a curse.  Leaks are gone, but the included rubber whistle tip won’t stay on these things worth a darn.  Looking at them cross-eyed will cause them to pop right off.  When I bought mine, I received some small strips of silicone tape, which worked great, albeit a little ugly, for a couple of refills, then the tape finally gave out. I’ve resigned myself to the tips falling off, it’s not really a huge deal.  Also, its handy because condensation builds up like no tomorrow in the tips so they have to be popped off and dried out on a regular basis anyway.

Describing the physical traits is of course useful, but what of the performance?  That’s actually where these things get interesting.   You would think that these work like the smaller units, but they have a life of their own.  Two things stand out when compared to the standard CE2s.  First, you can chain vape these like Walt Disney and they don’t burn.  I’ve yet to get a dry hit out of one unless I’ve actually completely emptied the tank.  Second is the flavor.  I find the flavor in the regular units to be quite a bit muted, but the giants have great flavor.  Granted, I have a bit of a dead tongue so I need a lot of flavor before I notice, but noticed I did with these guys.

I find these in both size and performance to be very similar to the Turbine tank and atomizer system.  However, I had some real issues with those from a reliability standpoint so I’ve shied away.  I can’t say how well the Maximizers will do long term as I’ve only had them for a week, but all three are still banging along nicely.

Hopefully they’ll keep on ticking (like the Fluxomizers do) because I’m really digging the maxis with their rugged exterior and viewing window, great flavor and performance and massive capacity.  It may even be enough to make me stop buying every single shiny new thing out there (have I mentioned my G4s shipped today?)

Too Long Didn’t read:


  • Massive capacity
  • Rugged exterior
  • Juice level viewing window
  • Back to back vaping
  • great flavor and vapor


  • Requires a syringe for filling
  • Juice window doesn’t show entire capacity
  • Drip tip falls off easily and collects condensation
  • A little bit pricey
Purchase Price: 10.95
Units per Pack: 1
Purchased From: GotVapes
Arbitrary rating:  I’m making this up at this point so 4 somethings out of 5 somethings.


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