Impressions of the Digiflavor Lynx RDA [Review]

It feels like a long time since I’ve actively used any kind of dripper.  That may be why I went with the nostalgic title that long-time readers might recognize. But, the Digiflavor Lynx RDA is pretty far from an old-timey vaping device.  Read on for the review.

Disclosure: Heaven Gifts sent me this product for review.  This review contains affiliate links (and a coupon code at the end!)

lynx-rda-image-2The Digiflavor RDA is a compact unit available in silver or stainless steel that features a mid-airflow design and a stubby little wide-bore drip tip at the top.

Since one of the reasons I tend to avoid drippers is the mess, it seems to me that having a nice, deep well to hold the liquid I always over drip would make life easier.

Indeed, that design has kept me from being so messy.  I have tanks I screw up and flood easier than I can overflow the Lynx.  Score 1 for the Digiflavor Lynx RDA!

While I like a nice, big tank to carry around as much e-liquid as possible, something smaller like an RDA is a nice change.  My one complaint is because of the small size, and high-temperature vaping nature of rebuildables, they get hot.  The stubby drip tip doesn’t help and you can certainly warm up your lips if you’re not careful.

lynx-rda-image-3As I mentioned earlier, this dripper has airflow slots in the middle of its body.  It sports a typical 3-piece design, but the airflow slots are exposed by unscrewing the top part of the body from the bottom in the middle.

The bottom of the atomizer is a sleeve that covers the build deck and is secured with gaskets (of which, you get a few replacements in the box).  At first, I had a very difficult time freeing the deck from the lower body.  But a little force (and swearing) got the pieces separated so I could build some coils.

After the first time, it became easier to pull the housing off the deck.  This is also handy for wetting the cotton directly rather than slinging a few drops of e-liquid down the tip and hoping for the best.


The build deck is a nice, modern layout that gives you plenty of room to work.  There are some bottom-fed air holes (they’re fed by a second set of slots that’s covered by the bottom of the body) on the deck as well as posts that reveal 4 spots for the coil wire.

Unlike a lot of the tanks I’ve worked with lately, each post has a single screw to secure things in place rather than two smaller screws one for each coil wire.  The single screw secures a plate through which each wire slides through, side-by-side.

I’m not a big fan of this layout for a couple of reasons.  First, it makes placing the coils a bit awkward.  No matter what you do, they’ll be offset from center.  This makes it tricky to place the coils above the airflow.

The second beef I have with the deck is that a plate and one screw secure two coils.  Normally I load my coils one at a time, but because of this setup, you essentially have to load one side of each coil at the same time.  It was very tricky to keep the excess wire from each coil from touching the opposite coil.

I ended up having to cut the wire short before putting it into the posts.   That means there’s not a lot of margin of error when cutting the ends of your coils for final assembly.

Once the coils were in place, there was plenty of room for them and cotton to ensure the best possible wicking.  This makes for a thirsty build that handles plenty of e-liquid.

lynx-rda-on-cubisOnce everything was assembled and working, I really enjoyed the little atomizer.  I remembered just how much more vapor and flavor you get out of going straight to the source.

There were no problems with the build or handling the power.  I regularly vaped at 90 watts (I still steadfastly refuse to work with temperature). Other than the occasional lip burning incident, everything was just fine with the Digiflavor Lynx RDA.

The Lynx is a good little RDA that makes it very hard to overfill.  It may run a little hot, and I would prefer a different post design.  But, those small gripes aside, I can see myself converting to the dripping side, at least on special occasions.

Getting me to switch to temperature control, that’s a different story.

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  • Looks to be one you’d enjoy. Hopefully… you’ve found a new (not-hot-gettin’, lip-a-burnin’) drip tip for it. Considering how much more you seem to like the flavor/vapor & cost savings (coil-wise) of using a dripper instead…. have ya gotten the chance to try/use many of the bottom feeding atomizers w/ “squonk” type mods? Imho, it’d be the perfect way for you (or any coughcough chronic over-dripper) to still get that same flavor, vapor, experience…. just without ANY risk of gurgly-flooded, overflowing, leaking messes OR sputtering hot lava to the mouth. Applying to any/everyone who may be reading at some point, who is used to using an RBA/RTA, etc.. when using an atomizer in ‘squonk’ fashion, you can avoid any of the sputtering, spit-back/popping MANY have issues with & complain about getting… by merely using slightly less wicking. Since you can squeeeeze & re-saturate at any time, there’s no need to put a ton of cotton in there (to get as many hits as possible/hold as much liquid as possible between RE_dripping) Reason being, by doing so… the wick isn’t ever going to be sitting there super over-saturated on a constant basis. Which, pools of liquid hitting hot coils… yeah. Same happens imho when using a new replaceable coil… without first taking a minute or so to “break it in” & get those coils glowing evenly.. like one ALWAYS would, with a dripper/self-made one) One further…. no matter what ‘cha think or believe to be true, trust… just take the 2 seconds & do it anyway, you’ll see for yourself………… ALWAYS being sure to completely CLOSE the airflow control BEFORE oening ANY top fill tank…………. only re-opening again, once (never overfill either) all has been sealed up, closed. Taking into consideration that coil has been installed snugly, tank is assembled properly, o-rings are in place, in tact………. you should NEVER get or have to even worry about any leaking ever again… w/ any top-fill tank! Maintaining that internal vacuum pressure (think… holding your finger on a straw & removing it from the glass. IF there’s a crack in the straw or your finger moves………. a puddle! Put it back in THEN take your finger off…. hours of entertainment every time. lol) is KEY….. Not only does it HOLD all your e-liquid inside & save you money & a mess + frustration… it’s what actually also keeps it feeding/wicking evenly & consistently pull to pull, too. (along w/ that whole “breaking in thing”…. which= well worth that minute or so imho.. they’ll perform their best for as long as possible!) By design anyway, NO tank should ever be leaking… They haven’t always been “top fill” for a reason. IF it leaks, usually just indicates something is wrong w/ setup… not tank itself OR coil. (most mfrs not being ‘vapers even” all the complaints & then no one really “knowing”… they’ve tried to solve w/ “spit-back filters & TOP airflow, instead of figuring out what they failed to properly instruct from the jump) Very rarely, if ever (esp these days) imho… should there be duds or bad batch coils, either. Idk.. have used nearly every tank/coil over the past 6+ uyrs & honestly.. couldn’t even tell ya the last time I had one leak, gurgle, flood, overflow OR spit-back…. let alone a dud coil. Those 2 little things, tho…. really 30 sec – a minute… can save you lots of hard-earned money… $$ Not to mention avoiding getting liquid INSIDE the device, which can then maybe fry shit…. always a bonus. =) ENJOY!!! LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! #youarebeingLIEDto #notblowingsmokeORG

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