Impressions: The Storm Tank

storm tank ce2 v5 cartomizer mod for electronic cigarettes

Recently, I purchased a Storm Tank from Stormy’s Vapor Cellar.  As the name hints, the Storm Tank is what’s known as a “tank mod” with a little extra feature.  Tank mods are modified CE2 cartomizer in which the internal workings of the cartomizer are removed and stuffed into a different tube.  The original mods used a 3ml BD syringe which happens to fit the CE2 guts perfectly.  Bigger tubes eventually replaced the syringes and the tank mod was born.


Shiny blinky light? I’ll take it!

The Storm Tank is one of the mods using a larger tube.  The stated capacity of the tank is 4ml of eliquid (although based on my filling it is likely closer to 3.5ml). Because of the large size of these things, there’s plenty of room to fill, no syringe required.  Filling 3-4ml drip by drip is slow, so a syringe would still be the quickest fill method.

Storm tanks also come in a smaller “mini” size as well as the classic 3ml “Syringe mod” version.  The model I purchased is the larger unit and uses the inner workings of a 2.4 ohm CE2.  I also splurged for the special feature which makes the Storm a little unique: an LED built into the tank.  The LED is only available in the larger tanks. Size-wise, the Storm Tank is a little bit stubbier than the Giantomizer and naturally much larger than standard and XL CE2s.

Construction and Quality
The Storm Tanks are mods, and as such they are each individually made by hand.  This is apparent when looking at my Storm.  The tube had some sort of markings on it (easily washed off if desired), there is a slight amount of roughness around the edges were the tube was cut as well.  Inside of this sample, the CE2 guts seem to be somewhat askew, making the center cup sit off center a fair amount.

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Storm Tank (top)

I try to re-center the post every time I open the tank to fill it, but it never stays on straight.  While rare, I did on occasion suck some juice because there was a gap between that cup and the rubber stopper and drip tip. Once I even knocked the silicone cap off of the ceramic cup, which took a little bit of careful placement to get it back on correctly. I tend to not leave things well enough alone, so realistically this probably isn’t a big deal for most.

Save for those small issues, the tank appears to be well crafted.  I expect this thing to be pretty durable.  CE2 innards are already pretty robust as far as cartomizers go, but the tank allows you to replace those parts and keep on going.  Disassembly for replacement does seem a little complex (especially with the LED option) but Stormy’s Vapor Cellar provides instructions.


Tested a regular drip tip, didn’t work

To test drive the Storm Tank, I vaped about 3ml of Cherry Tobacco from Blue Mist.  I use the CT mostly because I have a giant bottle of it ensuring my juice selection doesn’t really taint my opinions of the performance.  I used both a 3.7v box mod and my trusty eGo pass-through.  The 5v PT had to sit this one out because 2.4 ohm CE2s can’t handle higher voltages.  I found as expected, the 3.7 mod gave a slight improvement to the overall output of the tank as opposed to the eGo.  As a bonus, the LED served as a surrogate for my mod which has no light of its own.

  • Flavor was good, interestingly, I found the cherry more pronounced over the tobacco flavoring, which is opposite from my experience with other cartomizers.
  • Vapor production was excellent, especially at 3.7v
  • Throat hit was about the same on both of my PVs and was about typical for this juice (excellent).
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Compare and Contrast
For comparison purposes, the closest thing in my mind is the CE2 Giantomizer (v2).  It is not only similar in capacity, but construction as well.  Vapor and throat hit performance were similar on both models, the only major difference was the flavor where, as noted, the cherry flavoring was much stronger.

In general, I find this to be an excellent mod.  However, I am going to be hung up on a price to performance ratio here.  The V2 Giantomizers have very similar performance for a much lower price.  There is a tradeoff there, the giants can’t be rebuilt and the tanks can (also the tip stays on the tank just fine).

Too Long; Didn’t Read
The Storm Tank is a hand-built mod that uses the inner workings of a CE2 with a large tube giving it a 3-4ml juice capacity.  The tube also improves the performance of the cartomizer.  Most importantly, it’s available with your choice of color LEDs!


  • Large Capacity
  • Rebuildable
  • Unique LED Option
  • Great Performance
  • No Leakage
  • Expensive (16.99 with LED)
  • CE2 insides prone to shifting
  • Cumbersome Rebuilding Process
3.5 Somethings out of 5 Somethings
The Details:
Purchased From: Stormy’s Vapor Cellar
Model: Storm Tank-510 2.4-2.6 ohm
Purchase Price: 16.99 as configured, 13.99 without LED

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