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I’ve reviewed my fair share of e-cigarettes for women. Innokin’s iTaste 134 seems to be a device designed specifically to be manly.  Sure, many e-cigarettes by default are manly. But, the big, hulking iTaste model seems to be built with the idea of being extra manly with its odd look and rugged design.  Read the rest of the Innokin iTaste 134 to see if you’re man enough to vape with this thing. [stextbox id=”info” caption=”Product Details”]

innokin itaste 134 review card image Product name  Innokin iTaste 134
Available from VaporAlley 
Price  $169.99
Adjustment  Variable Wattage 6.5 – 12.5
Competing products  iTaste SVD, ZMax, ProVari
Who’s it for?  Manly men who do manly things.

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Innokin iTaste 134 Design

If you’re one to crave attention, the 134 is probably about the best thing you can do to that end.

itaste-134-machine-gunThis thing even comes in a hard-sided carrying case with foam cutouts designed to hold the 134 and the included iClear 30. Heck, early marketing materials for the iTaste showed it pictured with a machine gun.  I’m surprised they stopped short of having bikini girls in the marketing.

The device is both very large and unique thanks to the series of bars that run along the outside of this device. The bars are attached to the outside of the device through a series of rings on the exterior of the tube. The bars can afford some protection from drops, but I wouldn’t go chucking it against a brick wall in a fit of manly rage or anything.

The whole thing is made of stainless steel, so there is certainly a fair amount of heft to Innokin’s device as well. As far as size goes this is one big boy, putting it on par, or possibly larger than, Volcano’s Lava Tube II. Some have questioned why they didn’t make the 134 just house a fatter 26650 battery (it uses 18650s).

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itaste 134 bottom imageThere is a simple reason. Most of the girth comes not from the tube itself but the diameter of the rings and of course the bars. The interior, where all the e-cigarette stuff actually happens is essentially the same size as Innokin’s iTaste SVD.

While the body is the same size, and even sports the same top dress-up cap, the device is a great deal different from the original big Innokin.

For starters, the button is a completely different design. It has to be just to clear the extra depth created by the bars. However it’s also all metal and quite large.  There are four holes embedded in the button through which Innokin’s signature three color battery indicator lights shine.  There’s green for full charge, yellow for getting low and red for a nearly depleted battery.

Also completely absent from the Innokin iTaste 134 is an LCD screen and the jumble of control buttons. Innokin opted for a much more simple approach.

Underneath the activation button, about 1/3 the way down from the top of the device is a wheel which sits flush with the external rings on the device.  This is the wattage adjustment wheel.  It’s somewhat similar to the concept found in eGo twist models.

Only it’s better.  Much better.

itaste 134 dial detail

Where do I begin? I hate to gush, but this is hands-down the best feature of the 134. The ring is absolutely solid.  The whole iTaste model is solid actually.

The ring has deeply etched wattage markings, with raised dots in between each for easy manipulation of the large dial. When twisting the dial, it has a tactile clunk when it hits each vapor mark so you know exactly when you’ve selected the next setting. The movement simply feels precise.

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The Innokin rep I spoke with told me their vision was to make this wheel feel solid like a Swiss watch, as compared to plastic buttons and LCD displays that would be more at home on a digital watch.

Perhaps that is overstating things a smidge, but I’d love to see a device come out that’s normal sized, but with that wheel technology.

134 and svdSpeaking of which, the wheel is about the only user facing technology here. There is no display, so no extra features like a resistance meter or battery voltage display.  To be honest I didn’t find myself missing those features all that much.

Finally, there are the end caps. As I mentioned the top is the same as the SVD, complete with an eGo threaded cone connector and 510 connection in addition to the threads for the 134’s dress up skirt.

The bottom end cap is another story entirely.  It’s a very stylized piece. When looking at it straight on it resembles a gear. I guess the company is still trying to show a little steam punk flair.

Naturally, the end cap does need to be bigger than the inner body so that the device will stand upright with all the extra weight. Innokin’s design meets that requirement and the design minimizes the amount of metal required for the cap. Just think. This thing could have been heavier.

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