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Using the Innokin iTaste 134

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I’m going to get just a bit lazy in this section.  The iTaste 134 comes with an iClear 30 clearomizer (available at VaporAlley). Rather than breaking that specific piece down, I’m just going to send you to the review instead. Don’t worry, I’ll take a break now while writing this section to give you time to read it.

itaste 134 with iclear imageOk, now that I have a refreshing beverage in hand, let’s talk power range.  The iTaste ranges from 6.5 to 12.5 watts. With the exception of  6.5 and 12.5w the dial increments through the wattages in full watt increments only.  I tried stopping the dial in between two watt settings, that only made the thing not fire.

Like most modern APVs, my simple volt meter won’t pick up the actual output voltage unless it’s running at near max capacity. To that end I know the maximum volt output is 6.1V.

That of course disadvantages me in telling how steady the output is on the device. Instead I’m left with subjective observations, which I’ll gladly share.

Power output seemed fairly steady until the battery indicator light started coming up red. Around that point there was a noticeable drop in oomph.  I can’t say I’m really surprised since that behavior can be found in almost every device on the market.

By using clearomizers with known voltage weaknesses, I was also able to gather that the wattage settings were at least in the same ballpark as the dial setting.

Finally, there’s the dual coil test.  This tends to be the downfall of most devices. As they approach their amperage limit, they drop power output to keep from going over that limit.

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itaste 134 with iclear 30 imageThe iTaste 134 handled dual coils very well.  There was a noticeable change in the vapor output all the way up the dial from 6.5 to 12.5 watts.  I could tell there was more power when moving along in the higher power band. The vapor was warmer and more intense going from 9 to 12.5w.

I tested that on a standard dual coil cartomizer in a tank. Those cartomizers are notoriously power-hungry. The included iClear tends to work better with a little less power behind it.

There were no problems at all getting an iClear to perform on the 134. I actually kept things dialed down to around 10w as I noticed the tank getting away from me at higher settings.

From a performance standpoint, I don’t see there being much room to quarrel with the iTaste.  It’s going to be the general design of the device that makes the decision for you. It’s got looks that most people will either love or hate.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The Innokin iTaste 134 is an advanced personal vaporizer that would make the perfect match for rebuilding a small block 350 in your 68 Camero, wrestling alligators, or maybe participating in a caber toss.  It’s just designed to be a macho kind of device. The unique looks and size will likely either attract people or turn them off of it completely. However, it can’t be said that it’s a slouch in the performance department.  If you’re man enough, you can pick one up at VaporAlley.


  • Rock-solid build
  • Distinctive looks
  • Awesome wattage selector ring
  • Great performance
  • Built-in shark cage
  • Can be used to crack walnuts
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  • Large
  • Heavy
  • Unusual style
  • No LCD display
  • No resistance meter

Disclosure. I received this device from Innokin for review. This review features affiliate links.

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