Innokin 510 Tank E-Cigarette Starter Kit: Impressions and Review

innoken 510 t tank system electronic cigarette review

I’ve done quite a few electronic cigarette starter kit reviews.  Many of those kits don’t look anything like a cigarette.  This is mostly a matter of preference on my part.  I simply like e-cigarettes in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with the micro cigarettes.  Many people, myself included found the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes was somewhat easier using an e-cigarette that closely mimicked the size and feel of the real thing.  Still there were some features in the larger sized kits that just didn’t exist in the smaller versions.

One of the popular options in the larger kits is the tank atomizer.  This is a specialized atomizer that uses a cartridge that holds liquid without a filter.  The Innokin 510 Tank starter kit combines a small cigarette size with a tank atomizer system in an attempt to bring the best of both worlds.

What’s in the box

innoken 510 t tank system electronic cigarette review
Inside the box

We’ll look at how well this combination of two electronic cigarette concepts works.  First, let’s take a look at what you get in the box.  The box itself deserves some mention as it is the same style gift box as the Boge Revolution V2 featuring a thick cardboard box with hidden magnetic latches and a velvet-like lining.  Inside the box is:

  • 2 190 mAh 510 style auto batteries
  • 1 510 style tank atomizer
  • 5 clear tank cartridges
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 AC to USB wall adapter
  • Printed instruction manual
The Innokin Tank is a nice looking product, the kit is available in a few different colors and features the Innokin logo emblazoned on the atomizer.  The kit I received came in white with a red LED that lights up with the auto battery is engaged.  As it turns out, I am not a fan of either red/orange LEDs on electronic cigarettes nor automatic batteries.
innoken 510 t tank system electronic cigarette review
You’ll know who makes it

The first quip is more a matter of personal preference.  I just feel that if an e-cigarette looks too much like the traditional kind, it might freak out the wrong people when you use it in public.  It’s kind of hard for someone to think you’re actually burning a cancer stick if the end of the thing glows green or blue.

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As far as automatic batteries go.  They offer one less thing to have to do while vaping.  This gets you a little more close to the analog cigarette feel.  However, there are a couple of drawbacks with this system.  First, auto batteries generally work by having a switch inside that is activated when air is drawn past the switch.  This is accomplished through a hole in the middle of the battery connector.  The problem is that if some errant eliquid seeps into that hole (quite common if you drip into your atomizer) it could potentially damage your battery.
The second reason I’m not a fan of automatic batteries has to do with puffing technique.  Atomizers work best at vaporizing eliquid if they are already warm when you take your puff.  This is easy to do with a manual battery, you simply hold the button down for a second before puffing.  On an auto battery you have to take a couple of primer puffs before you take your actual draw.  If you are new to electronic cigarettes, pushing a button while you take a drag may seem unnatural, but it is something that you get used to quickly.
Not to keep beating up on the batteries, but, during my testing I found that the auto mechanism did work fairly reliably if given the right amount of puffing.  I found the draw required to get the thing to light up was a little bit stiff.  The overall experience to me using the battery was that I was kind of fighting the Innokin to get my vapor out of it.  At one point I stuck the atomizer on an eGo battery so I could get a better feel for how well it actually performed at producing vapor.
innoken 510 t tank system electronic cigarette review
Presentation box
The Innokin kit is a standard 510 kit. So that means there is a plethora of goodies out there for you to try out.  And of course that means you can even use the tank atomizers with other batteries like the eGo.  There are a couple exceptions. The Boge Revolution 2 did not accept the atomizer at all.  I’ve been told that it can be made to work if you make some adjustments to the atomizer and to the connector on the Revolution.
The atomizer produces a pronounced crackling sound when it is doing its thing.  Some people are kind of thrown by noisy atomizers, but I like that.  It lets me know that the atomizer is putting in an honest day’s work and I am going to be treated to some better than average vapor. Like similar systems, the atomizer uses a pin rather than a bridge, the pin sits inside the tank to drink up the e-juice.
In general the 510 tank system is not a bad experience.  The kit has a nice, well balanced hand feel (although I’m actually out of practice from my cigarette holding days).  The tank cartridge is clear and lets you see where you stand with your juice is a nice touch.  I always have doubts about my juice levels, so I like when I can keep a watchful eye on things.  The tips of the tank cartridge are of the flattened “whistle tip” variety which I also prefer.
The tank and atomizer system work fairly competently.  Vapor production is actually surprisingly robust for a mini system.  I found the overall performance to be akin to the 510 tank’s big sister, the Innokin Lea.  Like the Lea, the flavor is a little bit muted coming from the tank as compared to direct dripping.  The tank, also like the Lea’s has shown me no tendency towards leaking.
As compared to some other basic starter kits that use an atomizer and cartridge system, the take solution is much nicer.  There is no real need for fiddling with the cartridges, and production is good out of the gate.  If you are looking to step up to better production, I’m going to guess you may be outside the market for these more basic types of starter kits already.
Battery life is pretty much typical for small battery kits.  Depending on your vaping style, expect to go back to the charger every 30 to 90 minutes or so.  Recharges happen pretty quick with the charger LED going from red to green in about an hour.
innoken 510 t tank system electronic cigarette review
Assembled Innokin 510 Tank Electronic Cigarette
Too Long Didn’t Read
The Innokin 510 Tank electronic cigarette starter kit is a reasonable attempt to bring something extra to the world of entry-level electronic cigarettes.  While auto batteries are popular for many new vapers, the lack of a manual option for this model limits its ability to reach a wider group of vapers.  The tanks perform well and are compatible with other types of batteries, so they may be worth a look at on their own. If you are set on a cigarette sized kit and must have an automatic battery, the Innokin model may be worthy of consideration.
  • Stylish
  • Decent tank system
  • Good vapor output
  • Easy fill with no leakage
  • Well constructed
  • Auto battery’s stiff activation draw
  • No manual battery option
  • Short battery life
  • Slightly muted flavor
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Product: Innokin 510 Tank
Manufacturer: Innokin
Available From: White Stag Vapor
Price: Around $50
Threading: 510
Disclosure: I received the tested model as a review sample from the distributor, Bogetech

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