Innokin Announces a Zodiac-themed Mechanical Mod

It looks like the mad geniuses in Innokin’s engineering department at it again.  I just got an announcement of their newest product.  It’s dubbed the 134MX-Z. Z stands for Zodiac.  I’ll explain in a minute, but first here’s a picture.

innokin 134MX-Z zodiac picture 1This is the company’s first mechanical mod.  It’s embossed with various constellations on the inner sleeve and features the same cage as the iTaste 134.  You’ll notice the 510 flat-top connector. And just below that, you can see in the window it’s showing a zodiac sign.

You can turn the dial, and all 12 zodiac symbols will be present.  And here’s the odd part (as if this wasn’t already a little odd), you can set your zodiac symbol to be the one that will allow the mod to activate.

It’s an interesting idea, and it seems better than some of the locking rings in some mechs I’ve used.  Of course I’ll know more once I get my hands on the Zodiac and can do a proper review.

As far as I know, this hasn’t hit store shelves, but you can keep an eye on your favorite Innokin dealer like Mad Vapes and Mt Baker Vapor for them to go on sale. Here’s another picture to check out while you wait.

Innokin 134MX-Z 2

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