Innokin Goes RDA – iTaste VF Review

It’s a no secret Innokin is one of my favorite e-cigarette and personal vaporizer manufacturers.  Even if some products are a little misguided, you can usually count on quality stuff with exceptional build quality.  Innokin mostly focused on advanced personal vaporizers and tanks. Until recently, that is when they rolled out a new mechanical mod and the subject of today’s review, the iTaste VF rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

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Disclosure: I received this item for review directly from the manufacturer, Innokin. This review features affiliate links.

Innokin VF Review

Innokin has been getting a reputation lately for coming up with seriously over-the-top designs (Cool Fire II, anyone?).  By comparison, the VF is an amazingly simple and almost plain atomizer.

itaste vf review innokin rba imageSure, it’s got some stylization behind it, but nothing that makes you question anyone’s sanity.  It’s a wide and squat stainless steel cylinder with a dial in the middle that features a series of three long slits going around the perimeter of the dial.

This section is the airflow control. Like the Gladius, turning the dial covers or exposes matching holes on the side of the atomizer body. Increasing the exposed hole increases airflow while shrinking the holes restricts the same.

Control ranges from completely shut to very airy, and everything in between.  The dial motion is very smooth and the band stays where you put it.

This is thanks to a pair of gaskets housed within the dial itself.  Unfortunately, I found the gaskets have a way of eventually stretching out, or simply popping out of their channels.

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The good news is your VF comes with a spare set.  The bad news is they are kind of a pain in the ass to get seated.

The rest of the VF atomizer is pretty straight forward stuff, The bottom features a sealed 510 connector, while the top covers everything up and lets you use either the included 510 drip tip or whatever you prefer. The opening for the tip is wide bore, so if you like those tailpipe drip tips, you’re covered too.

Each section as well as the body are made from stainless steel.  There isn’t much Innokin makes that doesn’t prominently feature stainless steel, so no surprises there.

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The only real surprise is that they included this device under the iTaste moniker. Typically iTaste is reserved for actual devices. Of course the tank and clearomizer lines fall under the iClear nomenclature and that makes no sense here since nothing’s clear about it.  Perhaps I’m picking nits.

Finally, there’s the inside of the VF.  You’ll find the wide build of the atomizer provides plenty of room to work around.  This design has three posts to build a wide range of coils.  Interestingly, there’s mention on the packaging of being able to swap out the innards to do different kinds of builds. I didn’t get any of those modules, so I can’t really speak to them.

itaste vf review innokin rba image parts postsAs far as performance, that’s going to highly depend on what sort of coil(s) you end up building in there.  I went with a simple dual microcoil setup that came in at 1.0 ohm.  It worked well enough, though to be perfectly honest I’m not much of a dripper.  I prefer the set and forget nature of tanks and RBAs.

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One thing I did notice is that coil setups that don’t have wick under the coils work better in this device.  Air flows under the coil and then up.  Blocking that path with extra wick will cut down on vapor quite a bit.

That does lead to one problem. Because of the slits, and because there’s a wide area in the base to hold liquid, you may find the stuff oozing out the air control slots if you set the device down lengthwise.

Otherwise, it’s not a bad entry in the RDA department.  It’s cool to see this company get into the rebuilding game, I anxiously await to see what their first RDA design will look like.

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