Innokin iClear Gladius Tank: Adjustable Airflow + Pyrex!

Innokin is back at it again with a slew of new products.  I have a few awaiting review (and some of you already won some from me), but the first one up is the new Gladius dual bottom coil Pyrex tank.  Yes, Innokin has finally jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon! Let’s go through this Innokin Gladius review and see more about the high and low points of the company’s newest iClear.

Innokin Gladius: The Review

Disclosure: this product was provided to me by Innokin at no charge for review purposes.

The Gladius is on the smaller side of the tank size chart, holding around 2ml of e-liquid.  This makes it sized perfectly for smaller CLK! battery, or even the new, bigger 1280 model.

Innokin Gladius Pyrex Tank review imageTo be honest, I haven’t seen many of these devices (nor the CLK 1280) in the wild, but I imagine they’ll hit shelves any day now.  I think the street price of the Gladius will come in around the 20 dollar range.  Be sure to keep an eye on your favorite Innokin dealer like MadVapes, or Mt. Baker Vapor for availability.

Since I’ve already gone on about it, you know that the tank is Pyrex. My favorite e-liquids tend to crack plastic tanks, so this is a good thing.  Innokin’s plastic tanks are some of the hardiest I’ve used, but even they will eventually succumb to the citrus goodness of my all-day-vape e-liquid.

The other marquee feature of the Gladius is the adjustable airflow dial.  This is a ring that covers a pair of slots in the bottom of the end cap of the tank.  The rings have slots on either side. Rotating the ring will expose or cover the air hole as desired allowing you to select between a vary airy draw or a very tight draw and all points in between.

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Beneath the adjustable ring is a standard 510 connector as opposed to an eGo-style connector.  This is handy for using the device on APVs lacking an eGo connector.  One downside is that unlike some other products, Innokin chose not to include an eGO dress up ring with the tank.  This may be because their other eGo threaded products include their own ring.

Innokin gladius pyrex tank review parts image

You do, however, get an extra pair of dual coil heads in the box.  Once again, Innokin has changed up the head design. This time around, they look a lot like Kanger ProTank heads, but they are in no way compatible with those.  I would like it if Innokin could start making their heads interchangeable with their own products since it’s so much nicer being able to just keep track of one set.

innokin gladius review on clkOne potential positive is that it looks like this heads may be rebuildable since their design is so similar to Kanger heads.  I haven’t tried yet, but I may.  It seems like the Gladius heads tend to gunk up way faster than other heads.  I find myself replacing the heads quite frequently (about weekly) because they start to lose vapor or give me burnt hits.  This is sort of unusual for an Innokin product.

While I’m griping, I’ll get one more thing out of the way here.  It’s very easy to unscrew the tank from the base when trying to remove it from the e-cigarette itself.  That’s because the actual bottom cap with the connector is very thin, and it’s way too easy to grab the Gladius by the airflow adjustment ring and unscrew the tank from the bottom cap.

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This varies by device depending on how much the dress up ring covers the bottom of the tank.  If you go sans ring, there’s no issue at all.  Just more of a minor annoyance and a warning to maybe invert your APV when removing the Gladius just in case.

Otherwise, the design is not unlike competing tanks like the ProTank 2.  There’s a section in the top and bottom caps that are threaded, the air tube attaches to these points keeping the whole tank together (along with some gaskets).  It’s an efficient design that doesn’t have a tendency to crack the tank, so why change things up.

Beyond those complaints, I really have nothing else negative to say about the Gladius.  It performs well, produces nicely warm vapor when the voltage or wattage is cranked up and generally behaves itself.  I would like to see a larger version come out in the future.  Bot over all, it’s a very solid product.

In short, it’s everything you’d expect from an Innokin product.

innokin gladius review final image

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