Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 – The Little Box gets Updated

The mad scientists at Innokin are at it again with an update to their popular iTaste MVP. The iTaste MVP 2.0 looks roughly the same as the original, but packs a few new features in to keep things interesting.  Is this a worthy upgrade? Find out in this review of the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0.

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itaste mvp 2 review card image Product name iTaste MVP 2.0 Kit with iClear 30
Available from MadVapes
Price $57.95
Battery Capacity  2600mAh
Competing products  iTaste SVD, ZMax
Who’s it for?  Vapers looking for a solid device with long battery life and good performance

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iTaste MVP 2.0 Design and Features

If you’re familiar with the original MVP, there’s only a couple of minor visual changes you might notice. A new button, connector and a couple new finishes including an interesting textured black finish.  I’ll detail these items as I go through the paces here.

itaste mvp 2 review title imageFor everyone else, the MVP starts off as a very square device. Well, rectangular I suppose. It’s a take on the classic box mod with a nice, high quality level of engineering.  The exterior of the iTaste itself is available in several colors. On the top and bottom you will find polished steel ends that showcase some of the neat features of the MVP.

We’ll start out at the top as that is fairly straight forward. The iTaste features three different types of thread on its cartomizer connector. It features a classic eGo connector which includes both 510 and eGo cone threads. That pretty much guarantees any thing you can throw at it will fit.

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In addition to the two standard threads, there is also a third set of threads at the base of the connector.  These threads receive the included dress-up ring. The ring not only gives the MVP 2 a clean look when sporting a tank, but it can also be used to make minor airflow adjustments by tightening or loosening the ring to decrease or increase the airflow.

I did find that some tanks battery connectors didn’t quite reach the terminal with the ring in place, so therefore it wouldn’t fire.  But, don’t fret, you can either go naked or simply use an eGo tank cone if you want to dress up the connector a touch.  Naturally, Innokin’s iClear line works just fine with the dress up ring.

itaste mvp 2 review beauty ringAs we flip the iTaste MVP 2 over, things are even more interesting on the bottom. There’s an array of connectors and a switch. Naturally, there’s a standard micro USB for charging (a particularly nice touch for Android users). But then there’s also a standard USB port.

This port is a power output port. The MVP can be used as an external power source for just about anything that charges via USB. You can provide some of the 2600 mAh of the iTaste’s battery to charge something else.  I always used to think it was kind of pointless, until my MVP kept my phone charged up during a prolonged power outage.

Since the port is a standard USB connector, you can use whatever cable you have handy.  Innokin also includes a cool multi-connector USB connector in the box.  This connector features hookups for USB mini, micro and the old-style iPhone dock connector (sorry iPhone 5s users, you’re on your own.)  This is the same cable that can be connected to the MVP’s micro USB connector for charging.

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The final piece on the bottom is a slider switch that turns off the power output if you so choose. Like the top plate, the bottom is secured with four small torx screws.

Finally, there’s the body of the MVP itself which houses the activation button, the adjustment buttons and display, and just a few too many silk screened logos.

We’ll get into the buttons and technical stuff after the jump.

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