Innokin iTaste MVP Review

Innokin’s iTaste has been through a few redesigns from the first model with the magnetic connector to the Express with a dedicated connector. This trend continues with the Innokin iTaste MVP. I’m not exactly sure what MVP stands for, but this model is a much bigger version with a few tricks up its sleeve. Check out the Innokin iTaste MVP Review and see if this might be a useful device to add to your e-cigarette collection.

Psst: Looking for the iTaste MVP Version 2?  That’s a whole different review.

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Product Name: Innokin iTaste MVP
Available From: Vapor Alley
Price: $69.99
Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
Voltage: 3.0-5.0v (adjustable in .1v increments)
Threading: 510/Partially eGo compatible
Manufactured by: Innokin

What’s in the Box

The MVP comes packaged in a clear plastic box designed for retail display. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 1 iTaste MVP advanced personal vaporizer
  • 1 USB multi-adapter cable
  • 1 connector ring
  • 2 quad wick CE4 style clearomizers
  • Printed instruction manual

MVP Design

Where the previous versions of the iTaste could be described as squared versions of the company’s mid-grade e-cigarettes, the MVP may be more worthy of the title “box mod.” Granted it’s far more sophisticated than something hacked together with a plastic battery box, but the shape is decidedly boxy.

The MVP is available in three colors, silver, black or blue. The front of the body features the iTaste logo and a very slick backlit, flush-mounted button. The button has a good tactile feel, though sometimes I had to fumble around to find it in the dark.

Looking at the back of the box features a little flame logo with the catch phrase “Taste it, Love it!” To be honest, I could do with out that, but it isn’t overly bothersome.

They did mange to leave one of the sides blank. The other side sports the iTaste mirrored LED readout and the two voltage adjustment buttons. The display shows the voltage settings and the puff counter. Turning the unit off resets the puff counter. This version seems to have dropped the confusing recommended voltage feature previous versions had.

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The top and bottom caps of the device are chrome to match the LCD readout. Each top plate is secured with 4 screws. The MVP has a very sold and well-engineered feel to it. There is a little bit of heft to it because of the large 2600 mAh battery inside, but the iTaste is not overly heavy.

Up top the big Innokin device thankfully loses the magnetic connector concept (I felt it caused issues with power delivery). This connector is like the Express’ connector which is partially eGo compatible. The connector has a collar like eGo devices, but lacks the cone threading. Therefore, certain cartomizers that have threading on the skirts rather than the battery connector will require an adapter. Fortunately, there are not many of those cartomizers floating around.

Slightly different from the other connectors are two threads at the base of the MVP’s connector. This is to accommodate the included collar. This collar helps dress up the connection and improve airflow when using tank-style flat bottom cartomizers with the Innokin electronic cigarette.

Last, but not least, is the bottom of the iTaste. The bottom is where the most interesting feature exists. Turn the MVP over and you’ll find a standard USB port, a micro USB port and an on/off slider switch.

The micro USB port (similar to what you find on Android phones) is the input port. It’s used for charging the MVP. This unit does feature pass-through charging, so if you run out of power on this thing, you probably only have yourself to blame.

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Next to the input port is the standard USB port marked output. Yes, you can use your e-cigarette to charge your iPhone or other bit of electronics. You can either use the included cable which has adapters for micro and mini USB along with a 30 pin Apple connector (sorry, no lightning connector). The same cable is also used to charge the iTaste.  Of course you can plug any USB cable you want, so if your device isn’t covered by the adapter, most other cables will work.

You might be inclined to think of the portable charging thing as a novelty. I certainly used to.  Until I experienced an extended power outage and was able to extend the life of my phone using the Innokin AIO (an obscure charging case for traditional ecigs that has a similar charging feature.) While I don’t use the charging feature often, it is nice to have just in case.

Using the Innokin iTaste MVP

Before I get into the performance part of this review, I thought I’d spend a little time on ergonomics. The MVP lacks any sort of handhold like the competing Variable Voltage Gripper mod. Still, the width of the Innokin vari-volt along with the rounded edges make it very comfortable to hold.

innokin itaste mvp review imageThe flush-mount button is well placed on the side for easy firing, although I’m used to top-mount buttons on this type of device an occasionally find myself looking in that position for the button.  The one downside to the button is that it is so flush I sometimes have to feel around for the button if I’m not looking directly at the device.

The button illumination changes colors from green to yellow to red to indicate the charge status on the batteries. Those batteries are built-in lithium polymer batteries. There are good and bad things about built-in batteries. Pass through charging is a definite advantage, but once the battery eventually dies, the whole device is essentially useless.

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As far as run time goes, this thing can run for ages.  Despite heavy use I had no problem with this thing lasting all day.  Lighter users might even get multiple days without stops at a USB port.

Performance is pretty much identical to the iTaste Express. Voltage readings while in use indicates there sometimes is about a .1v drop in voltage from what is set. However, that stays fairly steady throughout use.

Like the rest of the iTaste family, the MVP has a fairly low amperage limit, around 2.5 amps. When using a dual coil tank with the MVP set on 4.5v, the actual output voltage dropped to around 3.8v.

This is fairly typical in this class, there are very few devices that will deliver that much amperage. That limitation along with the top output of 5v makes the iTaste MVP more like a midrange device designed for extended runtime.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

Innokin’s economy-sized iTaste features the improved performance of the Express model along with a generous amount of battery capacity. The ability to charge external portable electronics might not be the killer app of this device, but there are certainly situations where it doesn’t hurt to have that flexibility. The kit is well equipped with some nice extras as well. You can pick one up at Vapor Alley.


  • Long runtime
  • Pass-through charging
  • Works as external power supply
  • Excellent build quality
  • Decent performance


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Fairly low amperage limit
  • 5v max output
  • Too many logos

Disclosure: I received this item for review from the manufacturer. I feature affiliate links for Vapor Alley.

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