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Using the iTaste VTR

Up to this point I’ve been ignoring the iClear 30S that comes bundled with the Innokin iTaste VTR. That’s a big part of the experience of using this device, so I’ll briefly cover the basics of this clearomizer in this section as well as general use.

The S in 30S stands for single coil. Most of the other entries in the iClear family are dual coil. But the S isn’t just the same thing as all the others minus a coil assembly.  Innokin has gone a little more stealth in this version.

Instead of the wicks just sort of floating around which is typical of top-coil clearo tanks, Innokin’s but the wicks inside what essentially looks like a cartomizer with many large holes running down the tube.

I’m hesitant to call this a wickless design. There are clearly wicks in there, they’re just hiding. It sort of goes along with the rest of the sleek design language Innokin has been trying to convey as of late.

Otherwise, there’s not much different here than from the standard iClear 30. You’ll still find the same swivel-mounted tip that screws into the top cap. This is a top-coil design and as such adding liquid happens by adding it from the top.

innokin iclear 30s imageSince the iClear 30S is engineered to go along with the VTR, it’s essentially a perfect fit with the top cap of the clearo sitting flush with the top of the device.

A fully loaded VTR is indeed a remarkably heavy device. However, it’s not unwieldy, it just feels solid in the hand.

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Ergonomically it’s well-designed. The finger naturally goes to where the button is located and pressing the button is completely effortless.

This is a nice departure from the somewhat odd button placement in the iTaste MVP 2.0. The VTR also boasts a wider range than the smaller Innokin box. Where the MVP tops out at 11 watts, the VTR is good to go up to 15w.  It seems that the circuitry is similar, but the VTR does seem to be able to deliver more power than its sister.

It was able to deliver plenty of electricity to dual coil devices, and pushing the 2 ohm 30S was pretty much a cakewalk.  I ran the included iClear between 9 and 10 watts and this thing was able to belt out very nice clouds with good flavor.

The VTR was equally competent with third-party tanks that fit like the Novas and ProTanks and whatnot I’ve been testing on the VTR for the last couple weeks.

While the size and weight may put some off, I think the iTaste VTR is probably Innokin’s best device to date.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The Innokin iTaste VTR is perhaps Innokin’s finest moments to date (and they’ve had several fine moments). I don’t mean to gush, but this is a solidly built device that rivals the craftsmanship of devices like the ProVari. That said, the odd design and weight of this devices means it’s not going to appeal to everyone. There are also a few small annoyances, but they’re fairly easy to look past. You can pick one up over at VaporAlley.

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  • Great performance
  • Solid construction
  • Unique design


  • Too many logos
  • I’d like to see an OLED display
  • Not universally compatible with all tanks

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