Innokin’s 20Watt MVP What’s New (Quick Review)

Vaping manufacturers update products all the time.  Some updates are radical, while others are more iterative. Innokin’s latest update to the beloved iTaste MVP falls squarely in the latter category. I’ll take a quick look at the new features. After the previous epic review of the Subtank, I thought you could use something a little shorter to cleanse the palette.

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Disclosure: I received this product from the manufacturer, Innokin Technologes, for review purposes. This review contains affiliate links.

iTaste MVP 20W Review

As I mentioned in the intro, this particular update to Innokin’s popular boxy APV isn’t a radical update.  To that end, allow me to point you to the review of the version 2 of the MVP if you want more on the finer details on this product.

mvp 20w review altIn case you’re not familiar and don’t feel up to clicking, allow me to summarize.  The iTaste MVP is essentially a box mod style APV.  The device features a silver display screen that displays things like voltage, wattage and resistance.  The fire button has the traditional three color backlight to show battery status at a quick glance.

One of the more interesting features of the MVP is that it doubles as a USB charger that lets you charge up your cell phone or other accessory from the devices internal 2600 mAh lithium battery.

Earlier versions of the iTaste came with a handy USB cable that featured a number of connectors for various devices like the old Apple 30 pin dock connector.

In the first change to the MVP, that connector has been ditched in favor of a traditional micro USB charging cable. If you want to charge an i-device with the MVP, you’ll now have to bring your own cable.

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Naturally, the biggest change is right in the name.  Innokin has upped the max wattage from 12 to 20 watts.  This puts in line with the power demands of some popular modern gear like the Kanger Subtank. To support the wattage output, the circuitry has been beefed up to handle up to a 6 amp load and deliver a maximum of 7.5 volts.

Additionally, minimum resistance has been lowered to .5 ohm.  Although, I had a hit and miss experience with the Subtank using the .5 ohm head.

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Despite the all-new engine under the hood, nothing has been done to the display or controls.  There’s no OLED screen here like many other devices boast.  Just the same LED display that you’re used to in the MVP line.

There is, however, one visual change.  The built-in eGo style connector and cone has been ditched.  Now instead you get a standard 510 flat connector.  A nice adapter is included for all your eGo-native tank needs.

mvp 20w review connector imageI think it’s a welcome change. I always thought the fixed eGo connection and large dress-up ring always made the older model MVPs look just a touch awkward.

As usual, this is a solid product from Innokin.  If you’re not an MVP owner, this would make for a good purchase.

If you already own an MVP 2, the answer might not be so cut and dry.  20 watts by current standards isn’t a ton of power. But, does that even matter?

It depends entirely what gear you’re going to use with the device.  If you’re going to go with some sort of crazy ultra sub-ohm setup, this probably isn’t the box for you.  However, if you want something stylish and are going to use typical tanks on the market now, then yeah maybe that little bit of extra power might be just enough.

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At the time of this writing, not many merchants have the item in stock.  Vapor Beast carries it, but is currently out of stock.  Click here to check if it’s back in stock.

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