Innokin’s First Mech Mod iTaste 134 MX-Z (Zodiac) Hands-on

You know the mechanical mod craze has taken hold when just about everyone makes one of these simple devices.  Add Innokin to that list as they’ve recently rolled out the iTaste 134 MX-Z fully mechanical mod.  Since this is Innokin we’re talking about, you know there’s going to be some unique stuff going on.  Check out this review of the new Innokin “Zodiac” mod to find out more.

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As of this writing Vapor Beast has these in stock for $84.99

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Disclosure: I received this product directly from Innokin for review. This review features affiliate links.

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iTaste 134 MX-Z “Zodiac” Review

As the name of the 134 MX-Z implies, it takes some heavy design cues from the iTaste 134 advanced personal vaporizer line.  Most notably is the chrome plated bars surrounding the body (available in silver or black) of the mod. The “wheel” also makes an appearance, although in a slightly modified form.

innokin itaste 134 mx-z zodiac review full imageSince all mechanical mods are essentially metal tubes with some type of simple button at the bottom, this review will focus mostly on the design aspects of the Zodiac. For you gearheads I will mention that the battery connections on this mod are silver plated, something something… connectivity.

Anyway, back to the design.  The Zodiac gets its name because of the horoscope theme of the device.  There are stylized constellations emblazoned on the body of the device (under those steel bars, natch.)  And, of course the most unique feature: the locking mechanism based on your astrological sign.

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Yes, that’s right vaping has finally been mated with cheezy 80’s pickup lines.

innokin itaste 134 mx-z zodiac review setting symbolHere’s how it works:  you take apart the top cap and then the inner section has a wheel with the 12 signs etched into them.  You align your sign with a special pin inside the assembly.

Once that’s done, the device will only fire when your sign is selected via the viewing window in the side of the top cap.  Selection is done via a click wheel similar to what’s on the 134 APVs, but in black and located at the top of the device instead of the bottom.

I sort of set mine randomly since I have no idea what my sign is supposed to be in the stylized astrology symbols.  It’s easy enough to find what the symbol was set to by holding down the fire button and turning the wheel until the device works.

In that regard, don’t think about the zodiac thing as any kind of security device.  Instead it’s a much more simple approach to the locking ring most mechanical mods have on the bottom of the device.

I like the idea, I always find the lock rings on other devices somewhat fiddly. I think Innokin’s approach is a little more complicated than necessary since a simple on/off selector would work just as well.

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I should also mention that if you’re not into the zodiac theme, there’s also an iTaste 134 MX-M which features Chinese calligraphy and is based on the idea of “virtues.” That version doesn’t seem to be as readily available in stores.

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The selectable on/off feature is the star of the show, but there’s still a couple more things that are a little less obvious, but still cool about the MX-Z.

Like all things Innokin, the Zodiac is made of stainless steel and is absolutely solid.  Innokin also includes a baggie full of spare parts and a really nice mini screwdriver.  It’s always the little touches that impress.

innokin itaste 134 mx-z zodiac bottom button imageThen there’s the fire button, which is one of the best designed I’ve seen in a while.  It is a spring-activated button, and I tend to prefer magnetic switches.

Even so, it’s one of the best feeling spring-loaded buttons I’ve encountered.  It just feels solid, like the rest of the device.  The button is surrounded by the bottom end cap which is convex.

The button is centered in that endcap. The result is that when the iTaste MX-Z is placed upright on a hard surface, there’s zero chance it will activate unintentionally even if you forget to disable the device via the wheel.

There’s also a curve to the button as well that matches the endcap. This adds to the ergonomic feel of using the button.  I think I like the button assembly more than the disable wheel ‘o astrology thing.

Finally, for those keeping score, this is absolutely an original device put out by an overseas factory.  Since it’s mass-produced, that means a lower price.  Essentially, you can get your hands on an original and very well built device for less than $100 dollars.

That’s pretty hard to beat in my book.  As of this writing, Vapor Beast has these in stock, so go pay them a visit and pick one up.

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