Innokin’s Hot New iTaste MVP 3.0 Reviewed!

It’s been a long time coming. Finally, Innokin’s updated iTaste MVP 3.0 has been released. This is a big update to the company’s wildly popular variable wattage box.  Check out the review to find out what’s new in the iTaste MVP 3.0.

Disclosure: This product was provided by Innokin for review.  

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Specs

  • Variable voltage 3-9v
  • Variable wattage 6-30w
  • Maximum output 10A
  • Minimum resistance 0.4 ohm
  • OLED display
  • Charge status LED
  • Mobile device charging w/ Integrated USB cable
  • Real-time resistance detection
  • 3800 mAh battery
  • 510 connector with eGo adapter
  • USB pass-through charging

iTaste MVP 3.0 Review

When I say this is a big update to the Innokin iTaste MVP line, I mean big.  The new MVP is considerably larger than previous iterations of this classic APV.

innokin itaste mvp 3.0 review image 1Part of that might be owing to the updated electronics, but the biggest reason for the size bump is likely the battery.  The new version boasts a nearly 50% increase in battery capacity taking it from 2600 to 3800 mAh of power.

When talking about a device with a maximum output of 30 watts or an insane 9 volts, that extra capacity will come in handy.  Even running at the top power levels, the new MVP will have about the same impressive runtime as previous models.

Extra battery life is always good, but I have to wonder if the larger size may cost the MVP some fans.  This new version is slightly bigger than my Hana clone, which is not the smallest of devices. With increasingly smaller devices coming out all the time, it’s possible some may jump ship for more compact vaping gear.

Before moving along to the descriptions of the specific parts of the MVP, I have one more observation about the overall design.  Innokin has somehow managed to make this MVP more boxy than others. Specifically, there’s some sharp edges on the thing.

innokin itaste mvp review sharp edges

That may be a first on an Innokin device.  Typically corners and edges are rounded.  On this MVP the main edges of the box are indeed rounded, but the outside top and bottom edges are not.  It sort of makes the MVP not feel like an Innokin device.

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Not that quality suffers.  As always, the construction and tolerances on the new MVP are excellent.  Everything feels solid as you would expect.

innokin itaste mvp 3.0 review button imageIf anything, it feels even more well put together than previous versions. Gone is the silkscreen logos. In their place you’ll find tastefully embossed logos amid the dimpled pattern of the body (at least in the blue version I have).

There’s no loose buttons rattling around or mismatched seams. Speaking of buttons, there’s a big change there as well.

The front-mounted color changing LED button has been replaced by a larger and more solid button on the side of the device above the OLED display.

For fans of the color changing button, fear not, you’re covered.  That particular display now exists as a flush-mounted LED on the top of the device.  Now you can actually quickly gauge the battery status while you’re vaping, how neat is that?

The colors remain the same with green being above 50% charge, yellow meaning less than 50% remaining and red indicating an immediate need to recharge.

Recharging is done via a micro USB port. The port has also migrated from its previous location.  It’s now on the side under the display and adjustment buttons.

The output port for charging other portable electronics still lives on the bottom of the MVP.  Even better, the little on/off switch for power output has been eliminated.  You’ll still find a standard USB output port along with something really cool.

innokin itaste mvp 3.0 review cell phone charger

Looking at the iTaste from the front, you’ll notice a grey square in the bottom section of the box.  This square pops off to reveal a built-in micro USB cable for charging any device that uses such a port. Otherwise, if you have an IOS device, you can just use that charging cable with the standard port.

It’s important to note that you should not try to use both charging ports at once, the MVP can’t handle outputting that much power.

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Skipping back to the other end of the device you’ll find there’s a standard flat 510 connector just like the MVP 20 Watt.  A nifty eGo adapter is included for all of your eGo tank needs as well.

Back over to the side, we’ll finish the description part with the adjustment buttons and display screen.  The + and – adjustment buttons are small, flush-mount buttons located immediately below the display.

As I mentioned several times, the display uses OLED technology.  It’s a good-sized screen for an APV and the main wattage/voltage display shows up in a large and easy-to-read font.

You’ll also find the usual things you see on similar display screens including a battery life graph, real-time resistance reading and the working voltage.  The latter only displays when firing the device, making it not terribly informative.

Using the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

There’s a couple of weird methods involved in changing the settings on the 3.0.  First, the device defaults to voltage mode.  Switching to variable wattage is not intuitive.  Hold the fire button and the + button at the same time for a few seconds until the display changes to wattage.

innokin itaste mvp review with atlantis tankHolding the – button instead will swap the device from wattage to voltage mode.  The MVP also features an adjustment lock.  To change the wattage, hold the plus or minus button down until the display flashes.  Then release the button and use +/- to adjust to your preferred setting.

A quick press of the power button locks the setting.

You can also flip the display orientation if you’re a southpaw.  Just hold down both the + and – buttons at the same time for five seconds.

Normally, you wouldn’t have to mess with these settings too much.  However, I’ve found an odd bug in my MVP.  Every once in a while the APV will reboot itself when the battery is low every time the fire button is pressed.

I may have a preproduction version, but if you happen to run into this issue with yours, just plug the charging cable in for a second and it corrects the issue.

Aside from that odd quirk, the MVP 3.0 performs like a champ providing ample power.  I had no problems using my low resistance Atlantis and Subtanks on the newest Innokin device.

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innokin itaste mvp 3.0 review generic image

Many of you are probably curious about the battery life.  In a word it’s amazing.  I haven’t really met a device I couldn’t drain in the course of a normal day.  The old MVP came close, petering out just before bed time.

The new 3.0 has it handily beat.  Even running at wattage levels between 20 and 30 all day, I not only made it to bed time, I was able to use it for a few hours the next morning.

I finally gave up and charged it when the battery meter was down to two bars.

If you’re looking for a device that can go a long time between charges, the MVP 3.0 is hands-down the device that will do that for you.

innokin itaste mvp review phone chargerIt can probably outlast your smartphone too. That makes the charging capability even more useful in this device.  I used to think the feature was silly, until my old 1st generation MVP got my phone through an extended power outage.  Now I’m a convert.

Naturally, that massive battery capacity comes at a price, that price being a larger MVP.  This may be off-putting to some users.  But for others, this might be the APV to beat.  It is well designed and solid, can handily drive most of the popular high-performance tank and can literally last for days.

There’s a couple of oddball things I’ve mentioned earlier in this review, but they are minor in comparison to the utility of the iTaste MVP 3.0.

As of this writing, the 3.0 hasn’t quite made it to store shelves, but hopefully that will be remedied soon.  I find that Vapor Beast is one of the first merchants to get new Innokin gear, so check them out first. The suggested retail price will be 79.99.

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