iTaste VV4 Simple APV Gets Beefed Up (Review)

Innokin is a vaping manufacturer that has built a reputation by not being afraid to try something new.  That tradition can easily trace its origins back to its squared-off little personal vaporizer, the original iTaste.  The fourth version of Innokin’s iTaste VV packs a number of features that may just elevate this simple little device to must-have status.

Disclosure, Innokin sent me this item for review. This review contains affiliate links.

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iTaste VV4 Review

itaste vv 4 review both sizesAs the name of the product indicates, this is indeed the 4th version of Innokin’s interesting little device.  The first version, to be honest, was flat-out terrible.  It used this weird magnetic connector for the miniature tanks it used and the voltage was incredibly unreliable.

The 2.0 version corrected the major flaws and lost the magnetic connector for a fixed eGo connector.  Version 3 introduced variable wattage to the mix.

Now, the 4th version is out and it’s benefitted from the missteps and the improvements Innokin made along the way. Naturally, the famous design queues remain, especially the shape.

The iTaste VV is a device roughly the size of a large eGo e-cigarette.  But, it’s square (with rounded edges so you don’t cut your hands on it). The top sort of tapers and rounds out into a standard eGo connector making it compatible with just about every tank on the market.

Flipping the iTaste upside down, there’s just a simple micro USB connector, and a cable is included in the box.

itaste vv4 review usb connector

Two of the four sides feature assorted Innokin logos tastefully placed on the device. No contrasting logo colors here.  One of the logos is particularly interesting, it’s made of a series of small holes that serve as the vent in case of a battery failure.

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Two sides of the device also have screws used to secure the top and bottom sections to the body.  These stick out very slightly. This is a serious nit-pick on my part, but I kind of feel it messes up the otherwise uniform feel to the body.

Finally, on what can be considered the front of the iTaste VV 4 is the main controls and display screen. Two small buttons located near the bottom of the device immediately below the display screen let you adjust the settings and wattage/voltage levels.

While the buttons are positively tiny, they are still easy to operate and do not have a cheap feel to them like such small buttons tend to sadly have.

iTaste vv 4 review button and connectorThe fire button is located near the eGo connector. It is largely unchanged from previous versions. It still features Innokin’s signature 3-color LED light setup to quickly indicate charge status. A green light tells you you’re good to go, yellow means time to charge and red means it’s pretty much done for.

Of course, to get a more precise feel for the battery charge, you can just look at the screen.  In what might be the biggest new feature in this little APV is a nice OLED screen.  The screen is bright and easy to read despite its tiny size.

In addition to the battery graph, there’s a large display with the current wattage or voltage setting.  In smaller font is the current resistance of the attached tank. Under that the iTaste will display the voltage being output, but only when the device is actively being fired.

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You’ll find the version 4 available in four colors and two different sizes.  A smaller 750 mAh size and a longer 1000 mAh version.

Tech Specs, Do they Matter?

So far the features stack up to make a nice little APV.  However, Innokin has also packed a whole lot more performance in the latest incarnation of the iTaste.

itaste vv with gladius

Maximum wattage output from the device is an impressive 15 watts.  This is considerably higher than most other eGo style devices.

Voltage output as a result is bumped up to a maximum of 6 volts. This is backed up by a load capacity of 4 amps.

Compared to some of the bigger devices out there, like DNA powered box mods, 4 amps is not terribly impressive.  But, you have to sort of put things into perspective, this is still for all intents and purposes an eGo competitor.  Most of the variable voltage versions of those go up to 2 or 2.5 amps, so the iTaste can put out a lot more power.

itaste vv 4 review display imageYou can technically use sub ohm gear on the iTaste as well. Just barely, however, as the cutoff is .8 ohm.

But then again, I don’t think any of the Spinners or Twists in my collection can carry a sub ohm load.

Realistically, I doubt many folks are going to slap a giant Subtank on this thing, so 15 watts is probably overkill as it is.  For the most part, I use this with smaller tanks like the Kanger Protank mini and the upcoming Gladius M tank from Innokin.

Even when I build my own coils for the Protanks, 15 watts is plenty to get good performance out of the little things.  I’m sure some may disagree with me but for a midrange vaping device like this one, I doubt you’ll find anything with much higher performance.

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The solid build quality you’d expect from Innokin is present here, and the device just looks good.  Add to that the beautiful OLED display, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a simple vaping setup.

You can grab one of these beasties at Vapor Beast.

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  • The battery will not last longer than 4 months. I have had now 4 of these batteries because I like the size, shape and features. All 4 batteries had the same issue, at the 4 month mark it will stop charging/turning on. I have talked to several Innokin representatives and they have no fix for the issue and they will not issue me a refund or swap it out so that I can have a battery to use. Their customer service was HORRIBLE they will only send a few word responses and will not help you with anything or will not refund or return your items even if you have spent over $2000 worth of products with their company. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM INNOKIN. I repeat. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM INNOKIN THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THIER PRODUCTS.
    If Innokin would like to change their customer service policies and send me now 4 batteries because the original ones do not work you can contact me at

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