Joyetech eVic Firmware 2.0 Quick Look

I recently reviewed the Joyetech eVic based on firmware version 1.1. At the same time Joye released eVic 1.1 they also announced firmware 2.0 is on its way along with MVR 2.0 and a 1.0 version of MVR for Mac OS X! I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the MVR stuff, but a little birdie dropped the firmware off the back of a truck, so I thought I’d share what’s new in there.

NOTE: this firmware ended up being released as version 1.2 even though the beta version had the version number of 2.0.  As of now, there is no version 2.0 that I am aware of.



Like 1.1 eVic firmware v. 2.0 is a fairly significant upgrade in functionality. This also marks the first time where it’s necessary to use the MVR software to enable certain features in the device. In this case, the “automatic” feature, which allows you to program different voltages at different time intervals using the MVR software. Since I don’t have version 2.0 I couldn’t check those features out.


20130123-134655.jpgAlso under the vaper set menu in the switch submenu (where you could select between VV and VW in firmware 1.1) there are options for MVR VV and MVR WW. I assume this means you can use the desktop software to set your output levels. Previously in version 1, you could change the setting, but it actually wouldn’t do anything.


Despair not! The features that can be used directly on the eVic are quite handy, and things I think a lot of vapors want in this e-cigarette. First off the home screen. Many people really could care less about puff counts. Now you can change that. You can swap between the orignal puff counter, the date and time, or the one I think is the neatest. The last option is for use in variable power mode and it will show you the atomizer resistance and the voltage output based on your wattage setting.

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The other big improvement in my book is the ability to customize or disable timeouts. It always drove me crazy that my eVic would just shut off after an amount of time. It was configurable, but maxed out at 1 hour.


Now you can choose from the predefined timeouts, or set it yourself with the “custom” option. Or, even better, you can just disable the time out all together! This option exists for both the system shutoff and the display timeout settings.


The battery settings also allow for custom mAh settings as well. The 2000mAh option was dropped and replaced with 2600, 3400 and custom.


Otherwise functionality is the same. I’m anxious to be able to try the auto adjustment feature. Even so, the features I did have access to are welcome improvements. It seems with each update, the eVic gets just a little better. Now I can hope they do something to improve the desktop software.


For the full scoop on the Joyetech eVic be sure to visit my full review. Be sure to check over at Joye’s download page for version 2 when it is finally released. If you’re more of a visual person, you can check out the little YouTube video I did too.


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