Juul Makes Youth Prevention Hire. Media Sees a conspiracy

Anti-tobacco activists contend Juul is increasingly drawing on the tactics of tobacco companies to push back against regulation of its products. They point to a recent Juul campaign to overturn restrictions on e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco in San Francisco, where the company is based.

Juul hires a leading addiction researcher. Is it an echo of Big Tobacco tactics? – Los Angeles Times

In a recent piece in the LA Times, it was noted that Juul hired a prominent tobacco addiction researcher to head up the company’s research into preventing improper use of their products by the underage.

This seems like it’s a good idea as the company tends to be the whipping boy for attacks against the industry claiming it’s out to hook the kids just like tobacco companies back in the day. And Juul does have a youth misuse problem. So it makes sense that they’d try to you know, fix the problem.

But, the article goes to great lengths to show that, in fact, prohibitionists are cynical and think that this is some sort of big-tobacco inspired plot to actually hook kids into their product.

Remember at the end of the day, these prohibitionists could give a fig less how it impacts actual former smokers when they can have a boogey man.

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