Juul Spends 3M to Combat Ban, Prohibitionists Prop up Cigarettes

Ah, San Francisco and its infamous vape ban! Things got a tad more interesting in the Bay Area as Juul announced it’s contributing $3 million to pro-vaping groups’ efforts to overturn the draconian measure by ballot initative.

The move is no surprise as Juul is headquartered in the City by the Bay so it’s a little awkward that their products are banned there. It’s also not surprising that prohibitionists are twisting things around to make the number one vaping company look like an evil entity due to its deep ties with Big Tobacco.

Tobacco-Free Kids must be so proud that they are fighting so hard to keep vapor products out of the city and away from smokers who need a better alternative. An alternative to regular cigarettes, which are still totally legal to buy in San Francisco by the way.

Matt Myers, president of the advocacy group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, told Forbes that Juul is misleading voters about what the ballot measure entails. For example, he says an existing San Francisco ban on flavored vaping products could be wiped out. “Big Tobacco believes they can buy protection if they spend enough money,” Myers said. Tobacco giant Altria acquired a 35% stake in Juul in December, bumping the latter’s valuation to $38 billion.

Juul Shells Out $3 Million As San Francisco Vaping Ban Battle Intensifies

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