Kanger T3 Bottom Coil eGo Clearomizer Review

Clearomizer have gotten bigger. At some point, the vaping world decided to move on from the CE2 style clearomizers to larger, eGo sized devices. Kanger is no exception to this trend. The company puts out several solid eGo clearomizers. The T3 is an interesting addition to the large clear cartomizer world. The Kanger T3 is a bottom coil clearomizer. Let’s take a look at the T3 and see how it stacks up in this review.

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Product Name: Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Clearomizer
Available From: Vapor Alley
Price:  $5.99
Threading:  eGo
Resistance  2.5 ohm
Liquid Capacity  2.4ml


Kanger T3 Design

The T3 is a fairly large cartomizer. Like other entries in the Kanger family like the T2, the T3 features straight sides instead of a taper like CE4 clearomizers.

Kanger T3 review mouthpiece imageLike the T2, this Kanger has the same large proprietary mouthpiece. But, don’t try to unscrew it like I did. The mouthpiece is not removable, it’s fused shut.

The reason for this is that the device is filled from the bottom. There are even graduated markings on the tube upside down so you can tell when it is properly filled.  The entire bottom, including the replaceable head unscrews to allow access for filling.

Once the bottom portion of the T3 is removed, it exposes an interesting configuration. The head is mounted to the bottom cap (which is also the eGo skirt). There are several gaskets on this unit, one at the bottom where the tube and the assembly meet, one directly below the atomizer and one above the short wicks of the atomizer assembly. Above the atomizer is a an air tube.

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Kanger T3 review head image

When reassembled, the air tube on the atomizer slides into the wider air tube located inside the clearomizer. The top gasket seals the air tube from the wick area while the gasket under the atomizer seals the larger tube, keeping e-liquid out of the airway. There will be more on these gaskets in the performance section.

The larger tube inside the clearomizer body does not extend the entire way to the bottom of the clearomizer. This makes filling a little more challenging that it should be. Care must be taken to avoid dripping liquid into the tube, so a needle tip and filling the T3 at an angle are the order of the day. A full tank can hold 2.4 ml of e-liquid.

The bottom section is finished out with a knurled finish to make unscrewing the pieces easy. One important note about the T3 (and most Kangers,) for some reason the company elected to put the connector threads on the skirt and not the battery. Therefore, they only will connect to eGo batteries. If you’re using some type of 510 device, you’ll need to have a 510-eGo adapter in your collection to use this one.

Using the Kanger T3 Clearomizer

I mostly used the T3 on the 400mAh Vision Spinner. Mostly because it had a native eGo connection and the combination of those two devices has a really nice look to it. The T3 measures in at about 2.5 ohm, so I set the Vision at 4.2v for my test run.

Kanger T3 review vision spinner imageVapor production was very good. As expected with a bottom coil clearomizer, vapor was a little cooler than the top coil models.

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I also noted that this clearomizer has far fewer problems with flooding and gurgling than most similar devices. Well, except when I accidentally got e-liquid down the center tube.  It seems that the multiple gasket system works very well.

Too well, actually.  I found in pretty short order, the T3 would give dry hits if I didn’t wait a sufficient amount of time for the coil to re-wick.  This was frustrating as I tend to prefer to vape several times in a row.

Fortunately, it turns out there’s a pretty simple modification that can be made to the gaskets to improve liquid absorption and eliminate much of the dry hits.  I can’t take credit for this one, a hat tip goes to the good folks over on Reddit.

Unscrew the bottom cap. Remove the gasket that sits on the top of the atomizer, flip the gasket over so the flat side is covering the wicks and replace the gasket.  Apparently the gasket in the stock configuration compresses the wicks when the two parts are screwed together. Flipping the gasket keeps it from moving down over the wicks and does not appear to cause additional leaking problems.

Once the hack was in place, I found the T3 much more tolerant to chain vaping.  Occasionally, I had to slow down and wait for a few bubbles to appear from the atomizer area. However, those moments were fairly few and far between. Vapor production was already very good, so I can’t really tell if there were any improvements there. I also ran into no additional flooding or gurgling problems in this configuration.

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To be honest, I’m not sure why in this day and age there continues to be problems with gaskets compressing wicks. You’d think that the industry would have picked up on that one and done something about it by now.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

The Kanger T3 is a bottom coil replaceable head eGo clearomizer. This clearomizer has the odd distinction of being filled with liquid from the bottom. However, there are no leaking or flooding problems, which is rare in a bottom coil design. Performance is great from this device if the air tube gasket is flipped over, a very simple modification but somewhat annoying it has to be done in the first place. You can pick the T3 up at Vapor Alley.


  • Decent liquid capacity
  • Great performance
  • Solid design


  • Modification required to prevent dry burns
  • Mouthpiece not removable
  • Filling can be tricky

Disclosure: I received this item for review from Vapor Alley. I feature affiliate links for Vapor Alley.

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • I removed the silicone sleeve completely. Still no gurgling or flooding. I like this clearomizer (I think) better than my Vivi Nova's.

  • The only time I had an issue with the silicone sleeve was using juices above 60/40 pg/vg. Below that, i had no wicking issue whatsoever, especially on most 80/20 brews. Another thing I noticed which helped with some thicker juices is to back off the tank assembly from the base unit about a fifth of a turn. I guess this helps to keep the air tube from pressing the silicone cap hard down over the wicks. Actually, on closer inspection, it looks like it prevents the cap from fully covering the slot where the wicks hang out the sides…. And if all else fails.back the volts down a tad. The ones I have seem to keep the wicks wet nicely without modifications of any kind if the voltage is between 3.3 – 3.7 volts — the coil never dries the wick completely out. Once I get near 4 volts, for sure it's time to help keep that wick wetter than stock!

    Too long: great review!

  • I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say regarding the Kanger MT3… It looks really slick, though I"m guessin it's mostly the same as the T3.

    • To be honest, I hadn't thought of bothering with them since they seemed to be pretty much the same thing but with a neat cover, sort of like those Vivi Novas I also probably won't review :)

      • I was only curious because there was a website selling the MT3s, and it explicitly stated that the T3 coil is not compatible with the MT3, and they will be getting some in stock. I found that to be unusual, as I thought the same as you… that they're basically identical.

  • Do you have pictures or a movie ofthe mod that you did?

    'Unscrew the bottom cap. Remove the gasket that sits on the top of the atomizer, flip the gasket over so the flat side is covering the wicks and replace the gasket. Apparently the gasket in the stock configuration compresses the wicks when the two parts are screwed together. Flipping the gasket keeps it from moving down over the wicks and does not appear to cause additional leaking problems.'


    • I'll have to see if I can put something together that shows that a little more closely. But, if you look at that picture above that shows just the internals of the clearo, you should see right above where the wicks are a little clear silicone piece. That's the gasket. Just slide it off, turn it the other way and put it back on.

  • You’d think that when you were looking at the upside down numbers on the tube,
    you would have noticed that it goes to 3ml.
    You can actually get a little more than 3ml’s in there.

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