Kanger T3S Review

Kangertech has been putting out new tanks and clearomizers faster than I can keep up with.  This review is going to cover the T3S which is an update to the original bottom coil Kanger clearomizer, the T3.  There are quite a few improvements in the T3S. Read the rest of the Kanger T3S review to see if they make for a good clearomizer.

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Kanger T3S Review title image Product name  Kanger T3S
Available from VaporAlley
Price  $5.89
Threading  eGo
Competing products  Vision VT, CE4/5
Who’s it for?  Users who want an easy-to-fill bottom coil clearomizer designed for eGos and eGo threaded APVs

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Kanger T3S Clearomizer Design

The T3S is a bottom coil clearomizer that has a 2.5 ml tank capacity, just like the T3, Kanger’s first bottom coil tank and somewhat reminiscent of the EVOD tanks.

Kanger T3S Review DisassembledThis bottom coil tank features a straight-sided design. Like most Kangers, it is eGo threaded. That means the threads are on the skirt under the clearomizer and not on the battery connector. If you don’t have a device with eGo cone threads, an adapter will be in order to use this one.

Like other large bottom coil clearos, this one has a fixed mouthpiece, so bringing your own drip tip isn’t an option.  The good news is it was redesigned from the original T2 in a clear plastic and is a very comfortable and functional tip.

I did find the opening to be a little large, providing a sort of airy vapor profile.

The actual tank T3S is constructed of plastic (sorry acidic e-liquid fans) and is available in a handful of transparent colors. There are liquid level gradients printed on the side. The gradients are printed in both directions, making it easy to see how much liquid you have no matter which way you look at the tank.

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Removing the bottom of the Kanger bottom coil reveals the biggest change in the tank from its predecessor.  For starters, it has the same type of replaceable head that other members of the Kanger family share.  For some reason, however, ProTank heads are not compatible with this tank.

kanger ts3 headTo be honest, that’s not reallly a bad thing in my book.  I found the ProTank heads were a little too restrictive and I often got dry hits out of them.  The heads in the T3S feature a gasket with plenty of clearance for the stubby little wicks.  There is also adequate clearance between the wicks and the bottom of the tank for improved flow.

Kanger also added a sort of lip on the bottom of the tank itself to keep the head aligned properly and reduce the possibility of leaks.  The outer skirt is also more narrow than the previous version. This means more devices can use this tank without having to lose their cones.  I had no problems fitting this tank on any of my eGo threaded APVs.

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