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Using the Kanger T3S

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Save for a couple minor annoyances, the T3S is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  I’ll just get the griping out of the way first and move on.

The first thing that annoys me, and this is true of many Kanger offerings, there is a hefty space between where the center tube ends and the top (bottom) of the tank begins. That makes it a little more tricky to get e-liquid in the tube without getting it down the center where it dribbles all over the place.

Kanger TS3 MouthpieceSecond, I’m a little put off by the wide gauge of the hole in the mouthpiece that I mentioned earlier.  It doesn’t really impact vapor production all that much, but for some reason it just sort of feels odd to me.  Then when I switch to another clearomizer, I find the draw to be strange again.  This is all something that surely could be fixed if they just figured out a way to let me use my own drip tip.

Ok, grumbling aside, I still think this tank is great, and a definite improvement over many of the Kanger tanks I’ve used before. Primarily the improvement comes from the T3S not having as many dry hit issues.

For whatever reason, I’m always fiddling around with the other Kanger tanks, especially the ProTank, trying to get it to wick fast enough to handle chain vaping at 8W of power and above.  Out of the box, this tank can run at 8W like a steam train without even breaking a sweat.

I’ve bumped it up to 9W and it can handle, let’s call it, moderate chain vaping. Maybe a dry pull every now and again to keep the liquid flowing, but otherwise no complaints.

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The reason I tend to run things so hot is to get a nice warm vapor. This can be challenging for bottom coils, including this one. 9 watts gives a moderately warm vapor that seems to enhance the throat hit nicely.

Naturally, good vapor production is a must as well.  The T3S delivers there as well, producing a nice full cloud of vapor. Flavor reproduction is also particularly good with this clearomizer.  It still doesn’t match a good dripping atomizer, but it’s certainly one of the better bottom coil devices out there for flavor.

Kanger seems to have done a good job reworking the T2. Now if only they made one with a Pyrex tube.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Kanger t3s tldr

The Kanger T3S clearomizer is an update to the popular T3 tank. It (finally) offers replacement heads instead of having to swap out the entire bottom section. The heads do an amazing job of wicking and produce a beautiful vapor profile. There are a couple of small annoyances, but not enough to detract from the overall great experience this clearomizer offers.  You can grab one of these at VaporAlley.


  • Improved mouthpiece design
  • Replaceable heads
  • Very pleasant vapor profile
  • Actually fits my APVs


  • I find the draw from the large bore mouthpiece a little odd
  • The interior tube design makes filling a little harder than need be
  • Plastic tank

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