Kanger Unitank Review – Upside Down Bottom Coil Tank?

The Unitank is the latest installment in Kanger’s ever-growing line of bottom coil clearomizer tanks. While the Unitank bears a resemblance to the very popular ProTank series, it couldn’t be much different. The Uni even gets filled differently than the Pros, from the top even though it’s still a bottom coil tank. Check the rest of this review to see how the Kanger Unitank stacks up against its teammates.

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unitank title box image Product name Kanger Unitank
Available from  LifeCig
Price  $19.99
Tank Construction Plastic
Competing products  ProTank, NBC
Who’s it for?

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What is the Kanger Unitank?

To put it in very simple terms the Unitank is like the ProTank, but with a plastic tank. But, doing that would be doing a great disservice to the design behind the Unitank. For one thing, the Unitank fills via the top as opposed to filling from the bottom like just about every bottom coil tank on the market.

Kanger Unitank featured imageMaking that happen isn’t as easy a feat as you might think.  Have you ever opened a bottom coil tank from the wrong end?  If you did, you probably wore your e-liquid very well.

Accomplishing this magic trick, it required some pretty interesting engineering, and a spring. This might be a little hard to explain, but I’ll give it a shot.

Inside the plastic tank are two divider sections. One sits toward the bottom of the tank, the other toward the top.  The top divider is there to simply keep the air stem straight when the top cap is removed.

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For the top-filling thing to work, by necessity the air tube can’t be fused to the top cap like you’ll find in other bottom coil tanks. Instead, the top cap has a small nipple surrounded by a silicone gasket. The small protrusion fits inside the tube with the silicone sealing the connection.

The bottom half of the tube has a silicone ring around the bottom. The tube is then inserted into the tank from the bottom, where the ring rests against the divider at the bottom of the tank.

Like the other Kangers, the Uni’s bottom cap houses the replaceable head which features a stem that fits into the air tube. What is different is the spring that fits on the stem.

kanger unitank review parts imagePut them all together and you get the clever design that allows for top filling. With everything assembled, the top cap pushes down on the air tube which, in turn, pushes down the spring and moves the silicone ring of the air tube away from the bottom divider, allowing liquid to flow.  Remove the top cap and the spring pushes the tube up, the gasket on the tube forms a seal with the bottom divider. No more liquid can get in the bottom of the tank.  Neat.

That whole elaborate system explains why the tank is plastic. It would be amazingly difficult to create the system of dividers using glass, and would likely make the tank quite expensive.

I found one drawback with this setup.  If for some reason, you need to change the head on the tank and it’s full, you’re going to have a bad time.  As soon as you remove the bottom cap, the spring comes out and e-liquid goes all over the place. Not that I’d be that silly to try it, of course.

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There’s a couple of small cosmetic things to note about the Kanger Unitank’s design.  First, because the tank is plastic, there’s no bottom band on the tank. The bottom cap screws directly into the tank.

There is, however, a band at the top which receives the top cap and keeps everything in place. This part is glued into place as opposed to being held in by bolting everything together. The top cap lets you use any drip tip you like. However, the included tip has a nice curve at the bottom. When fully assembled, the tank resembles the original ProTank with its unified top appearance.

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