Kanger Unitank Review – Upside Down Bottom Coil Tank?

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Using the Kanger Unitank

Aside from the head changing mishap that may or may not have happened to me mentioned on page 1, filling the Unitank is a non-eventful experience.  The only odd thing is having to push down on the top cap when putting it back on due to the spring-loaded setup.  Otherwise, it’s just like filling other tanks, but without having to removing it from your PV to fill it, a nice bonus. But then again I’ve been using the VTR, so I have to take anything out to fill it.

kanger unitank review on egoWhen you fill it the first time, you might notice something odd. After putting the top back on, the tank is much lower than you’d think.  That’s because the liquid flowed into the bottom chamber after the cap went back on.  You can take the cap off and top it off, or just live with it.

Since the tank is plastic, I wasn’t going to do anything crazy like put my favorite juice in which is an infamous tank cracker (Ecto Cooler from Mt. Baker Vapor if you’re curious). However, I did put some cola in there, which has cracked Vivi Novas on me in the past. I didn’t experience any cracking here, so at least it’s a fairly durable plastic.  I’d still avoid red hot cinnamon flavors or anything crazy though.

The Unitank takes a little time to break in, and it doesn’t have the highest wattage tolerance I’ve ever seen. However, it performs quite well at around 9 watts. Unless you’re into bragging rights, 9 watts is actually fairly warm.

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After some use, it seems to loosen up a bit and the vapor becomes a little more refined. I probably could have increased the wattage some, but felt it cruised fairly well right where it was.

Vapor production is very solid and flavor is not bad. I personally think there’s a little more flavor coming from the ProTanks, but that could be my imagination. I did burn through one head on this tank during the review. However, that was because I kind of accidentally ran it at 15 watts for a while, and couldn’t get the burnt taste out.  To its credit the tank held up for a while at the really high wattage setting, I just couldn’t figure out why the vapor was so harsh.

Yes, this seems to be the review in which I did as many boneheaded things as possible. The Unitank took it all in stride, so in the end I think that makes it a pretty credible tank.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

kanger unitank review tldr

The Unitank is a bottom coil, top filling clearo tank. It uses some complex engineering and spring loading to accomplish this feat. The result is a competent tank that produces good results and has a great unified look to it thanks to the redesigned drip tip.


  • Top filling convenience
  • Replaceable heads
  • Unified look
  • Spring-loaded action!


  • Don’t try to swap heads when full
  • Plastic tank
  • Requires some break in

Disclosure: I received this item for review. This review contains affiliate links.

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