Kentucky GOP wants Outrageous Vape Tax

“Adding an excise tax onto the price of e-cigarettes in Kentucky will serve the dual purpose of reducing vaping among teens and pregnant mothers, while also raising badly needed revenue for the state,” said Rep. Jerry Miller, a Louisville Republican who will sponsor the bill in 2020. “This is a classic win-win scenario.”

Kentucky taxes: Proposal to tax vape pens the same as cigarettes

It looks like tax-and-spend has become bipartisan these days. At least when it comes down to hating on vapes.

Republican lawmakers in Kentucky, in cahoots with prohibitionists have hatched a plan to attempt to tax vaping devices at the same rate as traditional cigarettes.

The group claims that it’s to help the kids. They even go one better with the pregnant teens part. But, the lawmakers aren’t even trying to hide the real reason behind the scheme.

Money. It’s all about the money.

People smoke less, thanks to vaping. Less smoking means less tobacco tax. Now the state is scrambling to recover the revenue by focusing on the very thing that has driven Kentuckians away from smoking and kicking in to government coffers for the last several years.

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