KMAX Review – Shiny and Telescopic

Telescoping, variable wattage and voltage advanced personal vaporizers are all starting to blur together to me, there are so many.  What great times we live in!  The KMax is another entry in this category, and its good looks help it to stand out.  But, does the performance match the style? Read the KMax review to find out the details.


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kmax review title image Product name  KSD KMax Telescopic VV/VW Mod
Available from VaporAlley
Price $72.99
Competing products  ZMAX, Vamo
Who’s it for?  People who want a good-looking variable wattage APV

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KMAX Design

The KMAX is one of a growing number of telescopic body variable voltage advanced personal vaporizers.  By telescoping, I mean that there is a section of the body that is threaded and can lengthen and shorten the body to accommodate different sized batteries. In this case, you can go from a single 18350 all the way up to an 18650. Dual 18350 operation is also possible with this device for high amperage applications.

kmax parts review Before moving on, a little word about dual batteries.  Using “stacked” batteries can introduce more complications into the equation.  This configuration is only recommended for experienced users with access to a multimeter to ensure batteries are charging and discharging correctly.

Ok, battery stuff out of the way, the body itself is available in two colors, chrome and gunmetal.  In addition, the section that houses the electronics, display and single operation button is available in several colors in addition to the gunmetal and chrome.

I’m sporting the gunmetal tube with the chrome mid section if you’re curious.  The cool thing about the colored midsection is that it hides the display when not in use.  Once you press the button to activate the device or change menu options, the blue LED display appears from behind the mirrored finish.

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That’s the cool part of the display. Unfortunately, the rest of the display is fairly uncool. Ok, so it’s blue which is always cool, but it’s still an old school digital LED display.  Think 1970’s alarm clock here.

Not too long ago, this type of display was commonplace, and it’s still present even in the high-end ProVari (though it’s one of the reasons I think it’s due for a refresh). The current generation of APVs like the eVic and Sigelei ZMAX have spoiled me on displays. Having an OLED display that spells out each menu item is just too convenient to go back.

kmax led displayThe menu options are pretty much code, though it’s reasonably easy to get through the system once you learn what each of the 7 options are for.  This basically operates like the original VMax and ZMax models when they had the LCD displays.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because this device features variable wattage in addition to voltage, chances are good you won’t spend a whole lot of time messing with the menus.  The basic point of variable wattage is to find your favorite wattage and then not have to worry about adjusting it.

Enough about the electronics.  I haven’t covered the rest of the body design.  As I mentioned, the body has a telescoping section.  When the section is expanded to the longer configurations, two long side vents are exposed in the body to allow for venting during a battery failure.  There are also the obligatory smattering of vent holes in the bottom endcap as well.

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Like most modern devices, the KMAX has eGo cone threading in addition to stock 510 threading.  A removable dress-up ring covers the threading.  I had no problem fitting eGo clearomizers like CE5s and Kangers with the ring in place.

There are of course custom details and etchings along the body, though they are a little more on the understated side, and stray away from the desire to look like favorite classic devices.  The color choices along with the style make the KMAX an attractive device from an appearance standpoint.

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