KMAX Review – Shiny and Telescopic

Using the KMAX

kmax in use

As I’ve already groused about on the first page of this review, the menu system is less than intuitive, thanks to the clunky LED display.  I spent quite an amount of time trying to figure out if those letters were “u” or “v”. Once the 7 commands are mastered (the first two, power up and down are probably the important ones), it’s a pretty straight forward menuing system.  3 clicks opens the menu, from there click through to the desired option number and then pause to enter the appropriate sub menu and make changes.

When changing batteries out, I found the threads to be fairly tight, but at least fluid in their motion.  I didn’t get the feeling like there were sand in the threads like I have with some other devices.

kmax logosThe button also spins around, which annoys me, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to come flying off at any point, so I can’t make any substantive complaints in this department either.

From a performance standpoint, the KMAX tells two completely different stories.

The first story is an action-packed epic of high performance.  I’m of course talking about dual batteries and dual coils.  The KMAX delivers a fantastic performance. There’s plenty of power to go around. I had no problem driving my favorite dual coil devices at optimal levels (and beyond).

Story number two doesn’t have such a happy ending. Sadly, in this case, it’s under what I’d consider normal people use.  We’re talking single battery, single coil cartomizers here.  Your run of the mill stuff.

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In this case the issue seems to be that the KMAX is a bit of an overachiever, in the voltage department at least.  Clearomizers I normally run at 8 or 9 watts would absolutely cook until I backed the juice down to 6 watts or so.

It just seems like the K consistently delivered too much voltage to whatever I had strapped on. It worked alright at lower wattage settings, but that’s not the point.  It almost feels like one of the first generation devices before they started using RMS operation to calculate the voltage output.

I suppose that’s entirely possible as there was no option to switch between VRMS and MEAN calculations. Chances are that it is using RMS and something else is amiss. Either way, it’s sort of a big issue for a device to have.

There is always a possibility I simply have a bunk unit. It’s certainly happened before (if you own one of these guys, chime up in the comments section.)

If it really is just me, I’d say this is a pretty compelling device. Reasonably priced, good looking and high performance.  Not a bad package.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

kmax tldr

The KMAX is a good-looking telescoping variable wattage APV.  It features several color combinations and a cool hidden LED display.  A chunky and hard to read LED menu along with output inconsistencies hold this device back from being a truly great vaporizer. If you want to find out more, be sure to visit VaporAlley.


  • Solid construction
  • Attractive design
  • Hidden LED display
  • Great high current performance


  • Difficult to decipher LED menu
  • Overly high power output
  • Tight threading
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