A look at 3 Xtar Chargers (Video)

And now for something a little different.  Due to popular demand, I shot a video review.  I prefer the written word, but I decided 2015 will be the year to experiment.

As always, I like to keep my videos brief, so this is a fairly quick review of three XTar chargers that came to me courtesy of Innokin.

The chargers included are the MC1, a USB-powered mini one battery charger.  The XP4 is a big workhorse charger  capable of charging lithium and nickel batteries. It can charge USB too, but with a small catch.  Finally the VC2, the coolest of the bunch. It’s USB powered and features an LCD display screen to tell you exactly what’s going on.

If you want some real in-depth geeky levels of analysis, check out this review on CandlePower Forums.

And now for our feature presentation


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