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Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250 [A Spooky Review]

Lost Vape’s Paranormal DNA250 mod is an aspirational vaping device.  It doesn’t come cheap, but it is powered by one of the most storied technologies in the vaping industry.  Read the rest of the review to see the Paranormal DNA250 is worth the premium price tag.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

Disclosure: This product was provided by GearBest for review purposes.  This review contains affiliate links.

Features and Specs

  • Max wattage 200W 
  • Resistance .1 – 3 ohm
  • Requires 2x 18650 batteries
  • Special power modes
  • Full color OLED display
  • Evolv DNA 250 chip
  • Custom wood-style panels
  • USB charging port

The Review

The days of the high-quality expensive vaping mode died along with brands like the ProVari. The Paranormal isn’t quite as expensive, and doesn’t quite match the obsessive precision of advanced vaping mods of days past. Lost Vape’s high-end mod does capture some of that feeling and has a heart steeped in the tradition of previous high-end devices.

Perhaps I’m getting a little bit nostalgic.  I do still have a couple ProVaris in a box somewhere around here.  But, I’m specifically talking about the chip that powers the Lost Vape Paranormal.  The DNA chip inside the 250C is made by a company called Evolv

Evolv Darwin the first variable wattage mod

Evolv’s first product was called the Darwin.  The Darwin was the prime competitor to the ProVari and the most expensive vaping device of its time.  Unlike the early variable voltage design of other early mods, the Darwin had variable wattage, something that is now standard in the vaping mod world.

The company eventually stopped producing the mod and started focusing on add-on chips that could be used to convert simple mechanical mods to variable voltage.  From there, they started building the smarts that go inside of a lot of high-quality vaping devices.

Now the trip down memory lane is complete, let’s talk about Lost Vape’s modern use of the DNA chip.

The Paranormal is a typical dual 18650 advanced personal vaporizer.  The body is built form a zinc alloy and features replaceable panels on the sides of the device.  Carbon fiber style panels are shipped with the Paranormal vaporizer, but a pair of wood panels are included in the box of accessories along with a suction cup to remove the panels.

In addition to the swappable panels, there’s also a slightly padded piece that wraps around the front edge.  This piece is shaped to fit into the contours of your hand, making the Paranormal a very comfortable device to hold.

The device is very well built with no rattling parts, hard lines  or cheap feeling anything.  The padded section shows how much attention to detail was put into this device.

Opposite the padded grippy part, you’ll find the buttons, USB port and a beautiful colored screen.  The fire button is located above the screen and is easy to hit when holding the device.  One’s fingers gravitate to it instinctively. 

There are three buttons under the screen.   The center button is sort of like an enter key and the other two function as up and down. Under the buttons are the USB port which can be used for charging.  It can also be used as an emergency power pack by plugging in the included adapter cable.

In idle mode, the screen displays the current resistance of the attached atomizer, charge percentage, current watt (or temperature) setting and a settings section.  Click the middle button to highlight any of those areas and then the middle button to either adjust the specific settings or go into the system menu for the device.

The modes built into the device include the ones you’d expect, wattage, a wattage boost which will quickly bring the coils up to the proper wattage, handy if you you use big, power hungry coils.  You’ll also find TC modes for about any type of material you can think of.  Finally there is the Replay mode.

This is the signature feature of the Pranormal DNA250c.  The idea behind it is that you take a puff, and once you find a puff you save it.  Replay mode will then repeat the duration and temperature of the puff when you press the fire button giving you the ideal vape each time.

I’m still on the fence whether it’s much more than a novelty.  I think this feature might be something more useful to cloud chasers who can have consistent timing with puffs right at their fingertips. 

There are a few other quirky extras found in the device.  For example, there’s a place in the settings where you can view a graph of your last puff.  While I don’t personally care about such things, it goes to show just how much thought was put into this vaporizer.

Performance is absolutely stellar.  The Paranormal delivers power, even when the batteries are low.  It will sputter out at the end, but to be fair the screen does flash a low power warning when the batteries are getting a little too low to provide optimal performance.

Unlike a lot of the mods I review, this one isn’t situational. Usually I recommend a device that fits a certain situation, like if you want something compact, or if you want a good backup device and so on.  There aren’t any qualifiers I can think of for the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C vaporizer.

I am comfortable saying that if you’re looking for a primary vaping device and are willing to spend a little extra for it, this can be “the one”.

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