MadVapes Vortex Review – Blowin’ Vapor

You know what e-cigarettes need?  A fan.  At least that’s the reasoning behind MadVapes’ latest in-house made mod. The idea isn’t quite as far-fetched as you might think. Check out the MadVapes Vortex review and see what’s blowin’ in the wind.

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Vortex apv card image Product name Vortex Acrylic APV
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $79.99
Battery  18490/18500

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MadVapes Vortex Design

At first blush, the Vortex seems like a somewhat unremarkable device. It is a basic tube mod with flat aluminum end caps and a translucent acrylic tube available in several colors.  There is a clear activation button on the front which illuminates when pressed.

MadVapes Vortex Review DetailWhen the button is activated, it gently pulses, the button also provides a 5 click on/off feature. Compared to some of the more current devices, one could call the Vortex minimalist if they are kind, dated if they aren’t.

However, there are some things going on with the Vortex that aren’t quite so basic. For starters, these devices are made in-house by MadVapes. That means this device gets a place on a very short list of American-made e-cigarette devices. Second is, of course, the fan embedded inside the colorful see-through body.

The fan is the whole point of this device. It’s mounted at the top of the tube above the battery and other electronics. When the activation button is pressed, the fan spins up, blowing air through a hole in the 510 connector at the top of the flat end cap.

Working on the theory that introducing more air into the cartomizer/clearomizer/atomizer increases vapor production, the Vortex is sort of like a forced-induction system for e-cigarettes.

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This addition gives the Vortex an odd quality. It makes a small high-pitched sound when activated. Kind of an unusual experience that brings back memories of dental instruments.

There are, as I mentioned, no extra features on this device. Perhaps it’s because the device is sort of an experiment. If successful, I’d love to see future versions with variable wattage and eGo connections.

For now, you have just a standard electronic switch big-battery device meaning you get whatever the battery outputs for voltage (4.1 volts to start dipping down to 3.5 or so when the battery is depleted).

Vortex APV Review with Carto

Using the MadVapes Vortex

The Vortex is sort of an odd device to use. At least slightly. First is of course the whirring noise the thing makes when in use. Don’t try using this in a library, or you’re bound to get some odd looks.

MadVapes Vortex Review Battery DetailAnother strange thing is depending on the cartomizer used, you can press the activation button and watch vapor just come out the drip tip on its own. Kind of weird to see.

The self-vaping trick doesn’t work on every clearomizer. It’s going to depend on how straight a shot of airflow you have from the battery connector to the mouthpiece. This does mean that some atomizers won’t really work as well as others. Forget about using sealed battery connector atomizers, for example.

Speaking of atomizers, it’s probably not a great plan to drip with this device. The battery connector has that hole, just like in an automatic battery. Overdripping can cause liquid to go directly into the device, and that’s a bad thing.

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Also out are anything eGo threaded, which is a lot of things these days.  This has a flat 510 connector and using an eGo adapter would likely mess up the airflow. There’s simply a limited number of things that will be compatible with the Vortex.

Despite air coming from the mouthpiece when activated, it’s a subtle effect.  It’s more of a gentle breeze than a blow dryer being shot at your mouth or something.

madvapes vortex review clearo detailSo, the question is does it actually do anything.  The answer is it depends. This is what I call a situational device, where it works in certain situations.

The trick is finding a device that pairs well with the Vortex. In general, the more simple devices did better. Since this is a lower voltage device, lower resistance is also a must.  I got the best results from 1.7 ohm single coil cartomizers and a Vivi Nova.  I also had an old-school CE2 laying around that worked very well with the Vortex.

I’m beginning to think this is the ultimate retro vaping machine.

Anyway, for the cartomizers I used that worked successfully, vapor production was indeed much improved. There was more vapor. But, the odd thing was that the vapor was much cooler than when using the cartomizers on devices without fans.

I suppose that actually does make sense. If you point a fan at something, odds are pretty good it will be cooled off. Still, I’m used to larger vapor clouds typically accompanying warmer vapor. It’s slightly odd to me, but not an unpleasant experience.

The best part of that is with things like the CE2, which is notorious for burning if you so much looked at it funny produced great vapor. It’s a good way to coax more performance out of finicky clearos that don’t respond well to higher voltages.

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Perhaps this device isn’t for everyone, but I’m kind of surprised nobody came up with the fan idea until now.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

MadVapes Vortex tldr

The Vortex is built in-house (read in the good ol’ US of A) by MadVapes. The device is decidedly old school, except for the built-in fan. The fan only works with certain clearomizers, but when it does, it’s sort of like a supercharger for otherwise anemic clearomizers. Maybe it’s not the device everyone needs, but it’s kind of fun to play with. Go to MadVapes to get one of your own to play with.


  • US Made
  • Coaxes performance out of timid cartos
  • Lightweight but strong acrylic construction


  • Limited clearomizer compatibility
  • Not variable voltage/wattage
  • Noisy
  • No eGo Connector

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