Mastering the Vape Space: Good Things May Come in Threes…

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I recently went to Chicago for the Vape World Expo and this was a different event than what I have seen and possibly indicates the future of events like this.

The most common gathering are the traditional “Fests” which I have written about in the past and suggested we come up with a different name than “that” since the term is way over used.

Every combination you can think of, and some you won’t, are used to describe these reasons to PARTY! Nothing wrong with festivals and they are great gatherings of people that like to vape, like to socialize and a great way to learn what is new and exciting in this expanding Vape Space. The first one I went to, Vapetoberfest, was in Long Beach California, in October, 2013.

Over two days 8500 people streamed in and many heard me share my talk about how to get IN to the business or how to GROW a current one.

The next event I attended was the national Association of Tobacco Outlets—NATO—and I have written about that before. THIS was a professional group, all Big Tobacco company reps were there and it was proper without much carrying on.

My last event was a mix of both and I liked it. There were several panels of experts, lots of exhibitors, but there was a lightness of the event that I will recreate with Vape U when I launch this summer. In my world the education and business strategy comes first and the fun comes right on its heels.

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The other “Three” references with the different channels of monetization in the Vape World. The first and most obvious, has been retail stores, numbering over 5000 and growing. Competition is also increasing and this is the world I consult in.

Next is on-line stores, which is easier and cheaper to do, but requires technological skills which many lack. There are also the channels of manufacturing and accessories and things outside the “normal realm” but we’ll bypass them for now since they require a strong focus and commitment.

The third channel I’m exploring is Affiliate Channels, where you capitalize on your on-line presence and monetize the crap out of it. As I am speaking at the first Vape Affiliates conference in Los Angeles on June 5-6 I plan to learn (and share) as much as I can. I think the potential for this channel could exceed the other two.

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