Maxi Roughstack v2 Review – Rugged classic or outdated relic?

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The second generation Maxi Roughstack from MadVapes is one of the tried and true classics in a sea of e-cigarette mods. The Roughstack is available in a wide arrange of colors as well as textured finishes adds a bit of style to this otherwise unassuming e-cigarette mod. The top mounted switch design is a pretty unique feature in the Roughstack.  In this Roughstack review, we’ll see if this design is a classic or long in the tooth.

e-Cigarette Mod Design

MadVapes’ flagship e-cigarette mod comes in two sizes.  I opted for the larger Maxi Roughstack model which uses 18650 batteries.  The mod is also available in a standard configuration which houses 18350 batteries.

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Choice is good!

The Maxi Roughstack offers more flexibility for vaping voltages.  A standard 18650 battery provides 3.7 volt vaping.  The mod will also accommodate the  new 4.8v batteries.  In addition, you can stack 3v 16340s for 6v output, or if you like things particularly hot, double up on 18350s for 7.4v(!)

The Roughstack can handle most loads you throw its way with a 3A switch. Despite being a pretty rough-hewn kind of device, the switch is electrical instead of being all-mechanical. The switch is also user-replaceable should you manage to do something bad to it.

The placement of the switch is one of the hallmarks of the Roughstack.  Unlike most mods which feature a switch on the side or bottom of the tube, MadVapes decided to stick a mini switch on the top of the device right next to the atomizer connector.

The overall mod itself is fairly compact.  In person, the device is much smaller than it looks in the photos on MadVapes’ website. It’s one of the smaller 18650 mods I’ve gotten my hands on.  It’s smaller than my ProVari, and that’s with the ProVari sporting the standard end-cap, not the extended cap for use with the same 18650 batteries.

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Get the hammer, we'll make it fit!

This size does mean that the switch is located in very close proximity to the 510 atomizer connector on the top of the Roughstack.  This was a device designed in a world before oversized cartomizers and tanks came on the scene. If you want to use your favorite tank, you’ll need to pick up an adapter so the tank can clear the switch and give you enough room to hit the button.

The entire switch assembly unscrews for battery access.  Threading the top cap on the body is very smooth, a sign of tight machining tolerances. The bottom tube is solid, save for a couple of vent holes drilled in the bottom of the tube.  When put together, the Roughstack has a very solid feel.

The finish on the device is equally solid.  Finishes are available in a wide variety of textures and colors.  It seems like MadVapes puts new finishes online all the time. I opted for the black “crinkle” finish.  The crinkle finishes are textured to ensure the device doesn’t slip away. Even if it does, I doubt a fall would do much to the Roughstack.

Using the Roughstack

I found the Roughstack to have a natural hand feel.  The button location is perfect for firing with the thumb while gripping the device.  The button is naturally small in order to fit on the end cap with the 510 connector.  The size of the button made the switch slightly uncomfortable to activate.

Using my thumbnail instead of the pad of my thumb eliminated the discomfort, but I frequently found myself absently forgetting to use my thumbnail frequently.  Fortunately, the action on the switch is very easy minimizing the discomfort from pushing the tiny activation button.

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Standard ProVari, RS eGo 650

When pairing the mod with a cartomizer tank, I opted for a long 510 adapter.  This provided more than enough clearance to activate the device.  The combination of tank and long adapter also gave the Rough Stack an interesting steampunk sort of effect.

I ran into some issues with 510 adapters on the Roughstack.  For some reason, some of my short 510 adapters would not fully screw into the atomizer connector.  I had no problems with any standard cartomizers or my long adapter.  I’m still not sure if this was an issue with my “shorty” adapters or something amiss with the connector on the e-cigarette mod.

While the switch placement is unforgiving when it comes to flexibility, the battery compartment is not.  I found that the Rough Stack had no problem with whichever batteries I fed it.  Flat top 18650 batteries had no problem making contact, nor did my stacked 16340 protected batteries.  This battery combination proved  too long to properly fit in some of the other mods I’ve tried.

Overall, despite the shortcomings with the switch placement, the Roughstack was about as easy-going as mods get.  I had no problem sticking it in a pocket for on the go use and the button complied happily whenever I asked it to fire up.  I would recommend disconnecting the cartomizer when pocketing the device as it lacks an on/off safety switch.


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Too Long; Didn’t Read

MadVapes Maxi Roughstack v2 is a solid no-frills e-cigarette mod.  The weird button placement makes it better suited for standard gear rather than oversized cartomizers and tanks. The mod is more compact than you would think and is a reliable performer.  The ability to support multiple battery configurations makes the Rough Stack a versatile addition to any mod collection.

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  • Durable
  • Accepts a variety of battery combinations
  • Compact for a big battery device
  • Reliable performer
  • Wide color and finish selection available


  • Button placement limits hardware choices
  • Button can be uncomfortable
  • No on/off safety switch
  • Potential fit issues with some 510 adapters


Product: Maxi Roughstack V2
Available From: MadVapes
International customers can purchase the Roughstack from ECig Wizard. Use coupon code SteveVape to save 10%!
Price: $50
Battery: 18650 | 4.8v NiMH |  2x 3.2v 16340 (6v) | 2x 18350 (7.4v)
Connector: 510
Switch: 3A, electrical

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