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The folks at Maya e-Cigarettes were kind enough to send over one of their basic starter kits and a selection of cartomizers for review.  While I must confess I wasn’t familiar with Maya, they told me that they’ve been in business for several years now.  I guess I don’t know everyone in the industry… yet.  I digress, let’s take a look at Maya’s offering and see where it stacks up in this review.


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maya e-cigarettes review card image Product name  Starter Package
Available from  Maya e-Cigarettes
Price  $19.99 (coupon FIRST20 for 20% off)
Threading  KR-808
Competing products  V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image
Who’s it for?  Beginners

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Normally, I break up these reviews into sections like design, use, and so on.  To be honest, I don’t know that I have much to say about the design to warrant its own section. This will be more of a quick review.

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Maya e-Cigarettes pretty much sticks to the basics.  They have a couple of standard starter kit options, and a mid-sized device with a clearomizer.  Their standard devices are fairly nondescript.  White automatic batteries with red LED tips. Like many starter kits, these feature KR-808 threading.

The batteries are plastic, but feel reasonably solid.  Maya is silkscreened on the battery. The battery exteriors are colored plastic instead of using a sticker for the color and label.

maya e-cigarettes review basic kit contentsI received the basic kit, which is a bare bones affair.  It consists of a single battery, a couple of cartomizers (in tobacco or menthol) and a compact USB charger. It’s more or less an inexpensive kit to try out e-cigarettes. The dual battery deluxe kit would probably be a better way to go if you wanted to keep at it.  Still the basic kit is pretty inexpensive, especially with the first-time buyer discount (code FIRST20 for 20% off).

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While the cartomizers included with the Maya e-cigarette kits are straight tobacco or menthol, the company does offer other flavors and refill liquid, for its clearomizer line.

Along with the kit, I received a sample pack of cartomizers. While I am generally not fond of straight tobacco flavors, I found the non-tobacco flavors pleasant. In particular, I enjoyed the blueberry because the flavor wasn’t overly sweet like fruit flavors often are.

The setup had a smooth draw, but I found it required a fairly strong puff to get the automatic switch to kick in.  Otherwise, Maya’s setup performed quite well.

The vapor coming out of the e-cigarette after a couple of primer puffs was nicely warm. The vapor coming out was surprisingly thick, which suggests to me the cartos have a high VG blend to the e-liquid contained inside. Throat hit was also on the mellow side, further adding credence to the VG theory.

I think if I had to sum up the whole experience with the Maya e-cigarette, I’d call it competent.

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Maya e-Cigarettes has been around for quite a while, even if it doesn’t get the same attention the bigger companies like V2 and Smokeless Image. The company has a very simple product line, making it friendly to new users.  The basic e-cigarette kits are inexpensive and somewhat nondescript.  Performance is good even if there isn’t a lot of flash to the product.


  • Flavored refills are tasty
  • Inexpensive, especially with coupon
  • Reliable performance


  • Somewhat generic
  • Basic kits only include one battery

Disclosure:I received this item from Maya for review.

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