Mistic Enters Midrange eCig Market with Haus – a Review

e-Cigarette companies like Mistic have had a good showing in the market thanks to their ability to grab precious shelf space in retail establishments.  Lately, that lead has eroded as more people migrate to what the industry wonks refer to as “open systems.”  I tend to categorize these as “midrange devices.” Mistic is one such company that made the leap with their new Haus line of vaporizers.  I just happen to have one here to review, so that’s what I’m going to do now.

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Disclosure: I received this product from Mistic for review purposes.

Mistic Haus Vaporizer Review

Mistic’s entry into the personal vaporizer category is a fairly modest one.  The lineup is composed of a singe 650mAh eGo style battery and a CE5 clearomizer.  Both are available ala carte or in a kit.  The solo battery is available in blue while the kit battery comes in black.

mistic haus review e-liquid imageThis Haus offerings also include a new line of USA-made e-liquid in 8 different flavors.  All e-liquids are sold in 10ml bottles in 24 mg/ml concentrations.  Flavors range from traditional tobacco and menthol to several fruit flavors – the latter being a departure from traditional offerings of just menthol and traditional.

The liquid offerings might be a smidge pricey at $7.99 per bottle, but I have a coupon code for online purchases that will give you 40% off, so that will bring prices to a much more friendly price. You’ll have to wait till the end of the review to see the code.

Along with a couple samples of the fruity e-liquid flavors, Mistic sent me an example of their starter kit.  The kit retails for $24.99 (before the coupon code) and includes a single battery, clearomizer, charger and a lanyard. The pricing and setup are fairly standard for a branded midrange e-cigarette setup.

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The main thing that strikes me about the kit is the small size of the battery.  650mAh is a standard capacity for entry-level vaporizers, but Mistic’s is slightly wider than the typical eGo. This makes the battery shorter, only slightly taller than the CE5 tank itself.  Once the tank is bolted on, both halves are roughly the same size and together make a nice, compact unit.

Otherwise, the battery is standard fare.  The finish is a rubberized paint in flat black.  The Haus logo is at the top of the battery near the power button and is done in a medium grey for a subtle look.

The activation button is located on the collar of the device which also contains the battery connector.  This part has a nice contour to it and is finished in chrome (matching the chrome base of the clearomizer.)  The button is a frosted plastic affair that lights up blue from an internal LED.  Like most other comparable devices, there is a 5 click on/off feature activated by the button.

Mistic Haus Review ecig imageAs far as the clearomizer goes, it’s also fairly typical.  Specifically, it’s a bottom coil CE5 design.  Interestingly, it’s a disposable model.  It appears to use a head that could be removed like other CE5s, but the head is fused into the base of the tank.

One nice feature of the tank is that just beneath the head portion of the bottom section there’s a pair of gaskets embedded into the head.  This ensures a very tight seal between body and bottom section, so leaks are not an issue with this tank.

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From a performance standpoint, the setup has a decent enough flavor profile and a very easy draw.  As far as vapor production goes, there’s nothing particularly remarkable going on.  It produces vapor that’s fairly cool which is a plus for some. However, for sheer production, there are many other 2ml tanks out there that do a much better job of production.

The important thing is that the ability to wander into a physical store and pick out a serviceable midrange kit like the Haus was a pipe dream just a few months ago.  Now thanks to Mistic’s huge retail footprint (including Wal Mart) it’s a beautiful reality.

Aside from your favorite discount and convenience stores, you can also get Mistic’s stuff online. And yes, you can use the coupon code YOUTUBEHAUS to save 40% on your order (one time use only).



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