MJ Tech Ola X Hero: 20 Watts of Review

MJ Tech has released an interesting followup to its Ola X line.  The Ola X Hero is a very unique APV capable of operation up to 20 watts.  The new design is interesting, but does MJ Tech’s newest device have the performance to back up its good looks?  Find out in this review.

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Disclosure: I received this product for review from MJTech

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Ola X Hero Specs

  • 18650 battery (not included)
  • 7w – 20w adjustment range
  • 510 connector (eGo adapter included)
  • Spring-loaded center pin
  • OLED display
  • Micro USB charging port

MJTech Ola X Hero Design

The Hero certainly has an eye-catching design.  The APV, available in brass or gunmetal, looks sort of like a very short tube-style device with an additional section to the side.

ola x hero mjtech review display imageYou’ll find the OLED display and control buttons on the side of the sort of add-on housing while the fire button is located top center.

There are indentations along the front side of the control section below the fire button.  There is a slope to the top where the fire button is located as well.  This gives the sidecar portion a secondary job as a grip for the device.

When held so that the fingers drape over the dimples in the side and the top finger can rest on the fire button, it works well.  Essentially, you grip the Hero in your fist and everything falls nicely in place.

I typically don’t grip my devices in that manner, so the grip dents don’t do a whole lot for me.  Fortunately, the grip section doesn’t really detract from the ability to use the device even if you hold it “the wrong way.”

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The fire button itself is smallish and it’s tall and narrow.  However, because of the placement of the button along the curve, it’s still easy to find and press the button without looking.ola x hero mjtech review tall image

If you do look at the button, you’ll notice a soothing blue glow from the LED embedded behind the button.  That’s sort of a rarity these days with display-enabled devices. I kind of like an illuminated fire button.


The other two buttons, the adjustment buttons are rather unremarkable.  I actually noticed something odd about the rounded off buttons that sit next to the OLED display.

They’re labelled wrong.

There are plus and minus symbols etched into the buttons.  However, they don’t correspond to the action the button performs.  That is to say, when you press the button marked + the wattage setting decreases and vice-versa.

It’s essentially a minor difference since the buttons still work and all.  Still, it does make me wonder if there are any sort of quality control issues going on.

Using the MJTech Ola X Hero

Typically, I don’t start the use section with putting the battery in.  I assume you can manage that part.  But, the battery compartment is noteworthy for one reason.

While the battery cap is a circular thing at the bottom of the device like you’d expect, it’s flush with the bottom of the battery tube.

ola x hero mjtech review battery doorThere’s a slot in the bottom of the cap where you can insert a coin or some other thing to unscrew the battery cap.  Sort of like those infurating kid’s toys.  But, at least there’s no screws to deal with.  I’m looking at you, Cana mod.

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Because the Hero is a 20 watt APV, it’s sort of on the low end of the performance scale for modern APVs.  The minimum resistance rating isn’t stated in the specs, but the device simply can’t handle 0.5 ohm loads.  It reports those as shorts on the OLED display.

That means that the device is a no-go for stuff like the Atlantis tank.  This is particularly unfortunate when given the Ola X Hero’s price tag as compared to some of the lower-priced 20 watt devices on the market.

What it does make up for, is build quality.  While many of the low end devices I’ve used feel a little bit flimsy, the Hero is just plain solid.

ola x hero mjtech innokin gladius tank review

Despite not being able to power the heavy-duty tanks on the market, performance is very reliable. There’s no problem driving tanks with higher resistance, even the Subtank using the 1.5 ohm head puffs along just nicely when it’s strapped to the Hero X. It downright breathed new life into the Gladius tank I’ve been playing with.

With it’s great looks and solid design, the MJTech Ola X is a compelling device.  There are a couple of concerning QA issues that will hopefully get worked out.  The price of the device for the lower performance may also put some off from picking up a Hero of their own.

Then again, there’s other comparably priced 20 watt APVs that folks are happy with, so don’t write the Ola X Hero off just yet.

MJTech now sells direct to consumers. Check out the Ola X Hero on their site to order one.

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