A-MOD Wild Wolf – Not Another Clone Review

In the vaping community, nothing seems to be a hotter topic these days than the issue of mechanical mod clones.  This is when a factory duplicates a typically artisan device and sells it for a fraction of the price.  Typically, these devices are very popular because of the lower prices.  One way around the issue is to actually make something original on a large scale.  Thats exactly what A-MOD/Wotofo did when they produced the limited edition Wild Wolf Mod. Read more about this device in the review after the break.

Disclosure: This product was provided by the manufacturer (Wotofo) free of charge for review purposes.

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A-MOD Wild Wolf Limited Edition Review

I sometimes struggle with mechanical mode reviews because other than styling cues, at the end of the day it’s a battery tube with a switch at the bottom.  While that’s the same store here, there is one big difference with the Wild Wolf.

wild wolf mod device imageThe key word is big as this is a 26650 mod.  That is to say the device is quite fat to house a jumbo-sized 26650 IMR battery.  It’s amazing just how much bigger the device feels as compared to a typical mechanical mod.

Of course, you do get something for that size besides a mod that is just plain fat.  Larger batteries mean longer life.  In this case, I’m rocking one of the new purple eFest batteries (courtesy VaporAlley) which boasts an impressive 3500 mAh of power along with an insane amperage rating.

Enough with the generic observations, let’s talk about the specifics of this device. As I mentioned earlier, this is a limited edition device.  There will be 2000 units produced total and each mod includes a certificate of authenticity as well as having a 4 digit serial number laser engraved on the tube itself.

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The tube is constructed of stainless steel and is embossed with the Wild Wolf logo laser etched above the serial number.  The end caps are brass giving the A-MOD the stainless and brass look that seems ubiquitous these days.

Starting with the bottom of the end cap, you’ll find the activation button, which is embossed with a pentagram for some reason or another. The actual switch is of the spring-loaded variety and features a steel knurled dial serving as the lockout mechanism to prevent accidental firings.

wild wolf mod review efest purple battery imageInterestingly, despite the hefty weight of this thing with a battery loaded, there is enough tension on the spring to prevent it from firing when placed upright on the button. That’s no substitute for using the lock ring, safety first.

Moving to the top cap, it’s at first blush a fairly straightforward setup.  There’s a flat-top with a 510 connector and some air channels.  But, hang on, there’s an interesting thing going on here you might miss at first.

Unscrew the top by grabbing the cap itself as opposed to the knurled ring at the bottom of the cap, and you’ll find that the flat top section is actually just a cover.  The battery connector is, in reality, an eGo-style connector.  I’m not exactly sure why you would want to run an eGo tank on a huge mech mod, but you have that option available to you.wild wolf mod review ego connector

Perhaps you could use that and an eGo dress-up ring to make your favorite RBA not look so weird atop a big ol’ mod.  Or, you could get a 25560-sized RBA, they do exist.

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Either way, it’s nice to have a few options, even if you never intend to use them.

wild wolf mod review wolf logoAs of this writing, the Wild Wolf hasn’t hit retailers yet.  Part of the reason they provided one for review is to get some exposure so vendors will look into carrying the devices.  I know some stores I’ve spoken to are interested in seeing this review to figure out if they should carry the device.

I won’t tell them how to run their business, but if they wanted to know if this is a solid and reliable device, it is.  Normally I’d dig into performance in my reviews, but that tends not to work when it comes to mechanicals.  That will largely be a function of what you put on the device and how you build coils and so forth.

With that in mind, I’ll leave it there and tell you to check out your favorite stores to see if this thing ends up gracing their shelves. Vendors can contact Wotofo and do whatever it is they do to find out more about products.

Hopefully, it will be as attractively priced as some of the clones. Not a bad deal for getting an authentic mod.


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