Mt. Baker Vapor’s big Holiday Plans

It’s almost Christmas and today we are focusing on Mt Baker Vapor’s Candy Cane E Juice for a Flavor Spotlight! Vape Juice Black Friday sales are going on all this weekend, and Mt Baker Vapor is no different. So we thought, why not talk about a holiday favorite? Candy Cane E Juice is a customer favorite and a good all-day vape (all throughout the year). Check out the description from the website: The classic, wintery, peppermint flavor; Candy Cane is the only vape juice specially formulated by our very own in-house elves. But where does Candy Cane E Juice flavor come from? For the Vape Juice Black Friday sales, we thought it would be appropriate to delve into the historical context of this classic vape juice! Let’s take a stroll back in time and go over the fascinating past of this holiday treat!

Candy Cane E Juice History | Vape Juice Black Friday Sales 

Like many Christmas traditions, the Candy Cane originated in Germany about 250 years ago. However, the earliest versions of this holiday candy were straight, white, sweet sticks. A popular folklore story says, in 1670, a German choirmaster was worried about the children sitting through the long nativity scene in church during the Christmas eve service. He decided to keep the kids busy by passing out the candy, which is reminiscent of a shepherd’s crook. The children were thus reminded of the shepherds who visited Jesus at his birth. Many people also say that the “J” shape stands for Jesus. Others say that the red is for the blood shed on the cross, while the white represents innocence. However, none of this is proven and a lot of people attribute these characteristics as Christian symbols, when in reality the Candy Cane itself was likely not of Christian origin.

In recorded history, the Candy Cane first appeared in the 1837 Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association where it was judged as a confectionary. In 1874, it was first associated with Christmas and by 1884, they were hung on trees as they are today. Sugary confectionary sticks were popular at the turn of the century, but the crook was added (supposedly) either to represent the crook of a shepherds staff OR to help hang the candy on the trees. Keep in mind that Christmas, at its origin, is a pagan holiday, and many traditions associated with it come from pagan origin. This includes hanging ornaments and candy from a tree.

So now that you know more about the history of the Candy Cane and vape juice black friday sales, albeit disputed, you can enjoy Candy Cane E Juice with a bit more knowledge!

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