My Adventures with CBD [with Review]

Disclousre, the product mentioned in this article was provided to me for review by CBD Vapeshot. CBD has become a big topic from the evening news to your local vape shop.  The idea is that CBD provides some of the benefits of marijuana such as relaxation and anti-anxiety without the psychotropic effects produced by the THC component.  Here’s a post if you want to learn more about CBD and vaping.

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I’m not a fan of cannabis.  Not that I think anything’s wrong with it, it just isn’t my jam. I get a lot of review requests for both herbal vaporizers and CBD products because we all share the term “vaping.”

Normally, I turn down those requests because I simply have no expertise.  But, the good folks over at the CBD Vapeshot reached out to me and I thought this was a good opportunity to see what this CBD thing is all about.  You know, for science!

CBD Vapeshot is a CBD company out of London.  Instead of producing CBD e-liquid, they produce concentrated CBD you can add to existing e-liquid.  This process, known as short fill, has been popular in Europe with nicotine due to some of the regulations there.

Vapeshot sent me some 1ml samples in varying strength along with some damn tasty e-liquid from EzoEliquid.  Interestingly I didn’t know about the trickbox thing until I checked out the website for this article.

The bottles from Vapeshot come packaged in nice protective tins.  The company also includes a card with measurements so you don’t have to try and do the math in your head. 

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Simply figure out which strength you want to make your liquid and then add the appropriate amount of CBD, then you’re good to go. Everything is well thought out.  But, there was one major hitch. 

Having zero experience with CBD I didn’t know what strength to make my concoction.  I ended up going for 10mg/ml at first. It turns out that was a little much for me. 

CBD seems to work the same way as nicotine in terms of throat hit.  I ended up coughing like there was no tomorrow.  I’ve gotten used to very low nicotine so I’m no longer used to the throat punch I used to crave so much back in the day.

I compensated for my mistake by adding some extra VG to the mix and switching to a lower powered vaporizer.  Once that was done, I was able to not cough up a lung and could experience my first CBD vape.

I’ve read conflicting opinions on vaping CBD.  Some say it’s quite effective, others say that it’s not and directly consuming drops is the way to go. 

Once I started vaping, I quickly joined the vaping good camp. Perhaps it was the placebo effect, but I almost immediately felt the effect.  It was quite relaxing. 

It felt like a ton of stress just lifted off my body and my muscles relaxed.  I still felt a bit of a twinge of nausea, as I always felt with pot.  But, it was very mild and more importantly, I didn’t get the gross sort of out-of-body feeling that I typically felt.

During subsequent uses, the feeling wasn’t quite as intense, but I still could feel more notably relaxed after a few puffs. Based on that, I call my introduction to the world of CBD a success.

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Trying CBD is of course a personal decision, and I wouldn’t tell anyone they should or shouldn’t do something.  But, if you’re prone to stress and anxiety like I am, CBD might be worth considering.  The short-fill drops from CBD Vapeshot make it very easy to jump in.

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